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An upgraded Model 870 featuring improved durability and enhanced recoil control, plus a customized barrel that adds to its overall lethality.
  — Weapon Description 

The 870 is a Pointman weapon first introduced during the 25-8-22 Release Update. It is more commonly known as the R870, M870, 870 or just Remmy.


The 870 is a pump-action shotgun that deals quite a large amount of damage, killing most enemies in one shot so long as they are within optimum range. Due to its pump-action nature, the Remington870's Rate of Fire is a little slower than others. If enemies are not killed in the first shot, the user must wait for the weapon to cycle and risk getting killed or switch to a sidearm to finish the enemy off. The Remington870 has the advantage of being able to fire mid-reload because of its tube magazine, although the crosshairs are unavailable while in the process of reloading. The Remington870 is one of the most common shotguns in the game thanks to its extremely high one-hit kill capacity (currently the highest of all non-capsule shotguns) and low price tag, but is outperformed by the other Pointman weapons in the professional circuit due to its lower Rate of Fire and Range.

This version replaced the old Remington870 Origin in December of 2016 as a Euro-Metered Weapon.



  • The Remington 870 is the only pump action shotgun that should be used in co-op missions due to its relatively fast reload speed. With Magazine upgrade A, the reload speed of the 870 is insane.
  • The 870 ingame is modeled with a heat-shield,synthetic furniture,high-capacity magazine tube,ghost ring sights and shell holder.