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A custom variant of the Remington870 with an improved barrel and other parts to fire 3-inch shells. The increased power comes with a price; the operator can carry fewer shells. Its balls are chemically treated, maximizing overall stopping power against the zombies.
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The Blue Skull is a Pointman weapon first introduced during the October 13th Content Update. It was obatianable via the Unique Soldier Box


The 870 Blue Skull  functions exactly the same its predecessor, except that it exceeds where the Remington870 was flawed. The 870 Blue Skull's most notable improvement is its Rate of Fire, which was bumped up to 25. The Remington's Rate of Fire (15) was extremely unforgiving if the player missed his first shot, while the 870 Blue Skull's Rate of Fire gives the user many more second chances in killing an enemy. The increased Damage also furthers the lethality of the weapon, shredding through Armor and Health more efficiently that even the Remington870. Although it says this gun's Range is 8, but Blue Skull Remington can kill an enemy within 20 meters (within two shots), surpassing the versatility of even the mightiest Pointman weapons. Combined with its faster Reload Speed, the 870 Blue Skull is seen with contempt as a no-skill weapon and feared by any player who is not in its possession.



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  • The 870 Blue Skull is the second weapon in ijji AVA to have a blue muzzle flash, the first being the Galil MAR. The 870 Blue Skull is also the first shotgun to have a blue muzzle flash.
  • The Remington Blue Skull is currently the most powerful shotgun as well as the only capsule shotgun available.
  • the blue skull has alot of knockback power against zombies in infection (game mode)


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