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Euro 15,000

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41 (-3.0 to 3.0)





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AK-74M is an upgraded assault rifle over old AK series. AK-74M is the modernized version of it. Wooden parts were replaced with plastic and scope mount can be placed.
  — Weapon Description 

The AK74M is an Assault Rifle first introduced in the 08-26-10 Content Update. After the recent 06-04-14 update with no permanent guns in the in-game shop, this may be a staple weapon for new players due to its very low rental price of 7,500 euro for 30 days. As the rental does not need repairs, it may become cost effective for avid players and is a decent weapon that can stand on its own. Due to the recent updates, tournament rules may ban the use of weapons more expensive than 7,500 euro per month.(After returning the ability to purchase weapons in-game shop, it remains the most cheap assault rifle for purchase.)


The AK74 is currently the standard issue assault rifle for the Russian Military, while the AN94 being the weapon of choice for Russia's elite special forces. Essentially, the AK74 is a updated version of the AK47, firing the lighter and faster projectile, 5.45x39mm round. The development of the AK74, as well as the 5.45mm round was in direct response to NATO's adoption of the 5.56x45mm round. It operates on the same gas piston driven operating system used by the AK47. The AK74M version is the modernized version of the original 74 model commissioned in 1974, featuring a reinforced polymer stock and hand-guard.

The AK74M offers one of the best cost:performance ratio of any assault rifle in AVA. It is a high damage, moderate RoF, assault rifle. If aimed properly it can give high damage output. This means the 74M is one of the most formidable assault rifle in AVA.


  1. High Damage at Range: at 39 damage and 50/range, it has above average damage rating. With a Heavy barrel, the 42 damage is equal to a unmodded Ak47 at at range it feels close to the modded ak47.
  2. Average RoF: it has 47 RoF points. However, it feels MUCH higher than this, and can be boosted by the Sharpshooter barrel, Mechanism Improvement
  3. Low Recoil when crouched: It has Extraordinary low recoil for a 42 by 50 assault rifle. However, this high stability only becomes obvious when crouching, as the moveshot on this gun is sub par.
  4. Highly customizable: It offers custom parts from every category (excluding the other 2, since no euro shop gun has those as options). Barrels, triggers, stocks, grips, sights... It rivals the M4a1 in terms of customization, a huge advantage.
  5.  Low unlock rank, At Staff Sergeant 1st class,
  6. Hidden Accuracy Grip, due to this the weapon recoils harder then stats say, but also has less than average bloom. This is especially true when compared to the AK47


  1. Bad recoil, the weapon's ROF must be control fired at all times
  2. Scoping is difficult, especially when moving. Don't use it unless you know you can pull off a consecutive hits, or you are behind cover. Recoil is increased when zoomed in, which is why it is imperative that you pull off a clean headshot if you zoom in. Otherwise, use the standard cross-hairs in the center of your screen
  3. Increased Recoil while Moving. If you move, recoil increases exponentially. Even if you crouch move, the recoil will get out of hand while still being accurate. Beginners should Crouch, or stand still for best results. Of course, a experienced player with custom mods can anticipate the recoil mitigating it to make the gun perform on par with the SG556.
  4. Crouch shot stabilization delay. This is perhaps the major disadvantage of this rifle, as all others can be avoided, and can be worked around with ease. This is also a little bit hard to explain, so the usage of a hypothetical scenario will be implemented. Say you, the user of the AK74M is running merrily on your way to defuse a bomb. All of a sudden, you see a Para user standing 20m away, guarding the C4. You crouch, and immediately after crouching, you fire. At this moment, 1 thing will happen. Your crosshair will jump rapidly, and it will pull up. This lasts for maybe .25th of a second. Assuming the Para user hasn't killed you yet, the recoil when then settle, and you can continue on your merry way. The RoF remains constant through all of this.

Tips & Tricks[]

There are two ways to use this weapon:

1) Crouch Shooting:

Crouching as soon as you see the enemy and killing him from a still position. With this you can abuse the weapon's still-stability, but beware of the Moving recoil lag:

What is stated above is the biggest flaw of this weapon. The fact that for the first .25 after you crouch, the weapon still behaves like you are standing, or even moving, depending your action before crouching (whether you were sprinting or running). This was likely implemented to keep this gun from being blatantly over powered, as this gun would have been if this feature wasn't added. So the best solution would be to work around this, and here are some tips:

  • Stick to corners. When you see a guy, hop back into cover allow your accuracy to settle, slowly crouch move out of cover and shoot.
  • Aim for the chest or the nads (you know what I mean right?). In case you shoot right after you crouch, hopefully the recoil will drag the shots up to the head.
  • This I use as a general "marker" for when to shoot. The spring animation has the gun moving left and right, and when you stop, the character re-shoulders the rifle. When you crouch, the character model automatically re-shoulders the rifle. Once it is properly re-shouldered, you can shoot without any excessive recoil. Generally if you shoot without the gun re-shouldering, it will just skip the animation which you do not want because it's a good marker for when to start firing.

2)Controlled Fire These are the tips for avoiding the problematic recoil. Shoot in small bursts or taps, Since the recoil the more you fire the gun, taking quick breaks and releasing the trigger for small waits can increase performance Below are general usage tips for this rifle.

  • Close range (0-10m): Strafe and quickly burst. let go of the left trigger for a 1/4 second and continue firing.  Don't fire off more than 3 or 5 shots per burst. if you have the drop on the guy (you see him before he sees you) , crouch and spray.
  • Medium range (10-20m): Past 10m,  the farther you go, the less rounds you have to use per burst, a recommended average is 2-3. At this range it is probably good to start tapping... as fast as possible. The tap is key to mastering the recoil of this weapon. Even if you click the mouse as fast as possible, the recoil will rarely get out of hand.
  • Long range (20-40m): at this range if you are in a good position, have a drop on the guy or feel confident enough to engage the target you can try to use the scope.


Depending on the scope you have several options. Always try to minimize your mobility for this.

  • If you are using the default sight you should burst fire at the enemy, firing 2-3 bullets in quick succession
  • If you have the ACOG you should try tapping at the enemy target.

Follow these tips, and the AK74M could be absolutely devastating on the battlefield. It is one of the most overlooked assault rifle in game, and it is WELL worth the 41,000 €.



  • Laser Sight (-0.8 Mobility)
Note: gives bloom for less recoil, scoped Fire increases vertical recoil


  • ACOG(x4)
Note: gives better range/magnification, recoil is more noticeble


  • Sharp Shooter Barrel (+2.6 Accuracy, +2 Auto Fire ACC)
Note: Gives better shot grouping and adds RoF. When moving increases vertical recoil, decreases bloom. Increases bloom and recoil in scope.
  • Rifling Reinforcement Barrel (+4 Damage, -0.6 RoF)
Note: Gives more damage, decreases recoil; Decreases ROF, increases bloom; Decreases bloom and recoil in scope


  • Mechanism Upgrade (-0.4 Auto Fire ACC, +0.42 RoF)
Note: Increases rof and bloom, decreases recoil
  • Veteran Mechanism (-1.8 Accuracy, -0.5 Auto Fire ACC)
Note: Lowers shot grouping but increases stability; increases vertical recoil, decreases bloom


  • Weight Grip (+6.5 Stability, -0.8 Mobility)
Note: Stablizes crouchshot, destabuilizes moveshot after a while; good for first shots, later shots are destabuilized; adds some vertical recoil, decreases initial side to side bloom


Note: decreases felt recoil post 3 shot, better scoping; adds side to side bloom;

  • Light Stock (+1.9 Mobility)
:*Recoil Control Stock (+1 Stability)

Note: decreases felt recoil post 3 shot, worse scoping, adds vertical recoil

Recommended Builds[]

Basic information[]

  • Barrels increase DPS, but change recoil pattern
  • For sharpshooter barrel use stability mods
  • Moveshot with scope is practically for trolling only,
  • Acog optional

Basic  Builds[]

  • Not every user has his preferences. If you are new to the gun, try out the starter builds and then go from there.
  • The advanced builds have been crafted by a 3 year user of this weapon.

Starter Basic 74 Edition (-1 accuracy +2 stability,) Recoil is similar to the K2. 

Lenient towards full auto, and ADS is sub par.

  • Veteran Mechanism

Starter Basic 47 Edition( +3 dmg, -1 rof,-1 stability[]

Feels like a upgraded ak47 with more rof ,excellent tapping capability[]

Recoil per shot is exactly like the ak47, scoping is sub par.

  • Reinforced Barrel

Advanced 550 Black Edition (+3 dmg, -1 acc, -1 rof, -1 stability, +2 Mobility)

While this version emulates the SG 550's great accuracy by increasing mobility, its ROF is much lower then the 550, so moveshot accuracy is actually on par with the SG 556. Recoil is close to the 550's, and has more DMG, although crouchshot is different. 

  • Reinforced Barrel
  • Veteran Mech
  • Mobility Stock

Advanced AKS74U Big Brother Edition(+2 Acc, +2 ROF, +1 Stability, -2 mobility)

trying to emulate a DPS modded AKS74U

Gives max ROF,  great when ROF is controlled.

Blooms on prologue fire, pulls up like a ak74u, needs to be bursted.

  • Lazersight
  • Burst Barrel
  • Mechanism Improvement
  • Weight Grip



  • The picture for the AK74M found on the AVA website weapons page is actually a re-skinned AK47. The in game model however is in fact an AK74M. The difference being the magazine, and the addition of a muzzle break on the end of the barrel. Similarly the AK47 Hawkeye is really an AK74 in both the picture, and the in game model.
  • The AK74M is Russia's real life service rifle.
  • The AK74M is one of the most underrated weapons in AVA. In skilled hands it can go toe to toe with a SA58 PARA.


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A.V.A 戰地之王 AK74M Recoil Test 彈道測試 (原裝)

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