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AVA sports mode

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Available in Quick match channel

AVA sports is a unique mode within ava, that is not like any other mode. It is basically a championship mode with different kind of sports, like the Olympics. There are 6 rounds with different kind of sports and a final round.

Round 1: Super Jump
Round 2: Skipping
Round 3: Shooting
Round 4: Rush
Round 5: C4
Round 6: Ball


Round 1: Super Jump

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In this mode, players need to jump on two different platforms. There is a small platform that is moving from left to right, which is worth 5 points. There is a big platform in the middle that is not moving, which is worth 1 point. People need to earn as many points as possible.

But be aware that people are able to knife you before you get to jump. This could be a good tactic to prevent the other people to get points.

Round 2: Skipping

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In the second mode, players need to jump over a laser that is moving across the walls. The laser is returning every time and is moving faster over time. You need to time the jump correctly to jump over the laser.

Again be aware that people are able to knife you during this round. In this way, the round could also end, if your whole team is killed. If you died, you are spawned directly next to the room and you could watch the people jump.

Round 3: Shooting

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The third round is about shooting with a sniper: the mosin nagant sports. It is basically a shooting range where you are with one other guy in a small cabinet. There are targets that reveal for some seconds, and you need to shoot as fast as possible, before someone else shoots the target. There are 3 targets spawning in a row, after which a bonus target spawns, which is moving across the room. In this mode you are not able to kill eachother, except if the round is finished.

Round 4:Rush

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The fourth round is about running towards the target, but be aware of the nades that the other team are throwing. As attacking team you need to reach the target below the defenders, which is possible in 2 routes. The defending team has infinite grenades, and need to kill the players from the attacking team, so that they cannot reach the target and score points.

Round 5:C4

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Round 5 is about multiple c4 that need to be defused. Players need to defuse the bombs as a team, so the team that defuse most C4s is the winner. The difficulty in this mode is that the other team is able to kill you with their knife.

Round 6:Balls

The last round before the final is about shooting balls. Every player is able to pick up a beretta sports, and need to shoot the balls that are throughout the room. There is a small hallway in the middle, where you could go to the other team. Many people try to kill the other in this way, and then win the round.

Final round

The final round is in a room where a lot of boards that are assigned to a team (NRF or EU). The amount of boards that is assigned to your team in the beginning is dependent on the rounds that you won before the final. So it is important to win the rounds, to get an advantage in the final.

If you pick up the nades and throw it at any boards that is not of your team, the board will turn to your team. As a team you need to turn as many boards as possible, and in the end have more boards than the enemy. The team, that has most boards showing their team is the winner of AVA sports.


AVA sports is in quickmatch and the reward for completing the mode are:

- Euros - Beretta Sports - Mosin Nagant Sports - Beretta Sports - M67 Sports



AVA Sports Event Mode

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