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AVA Train
Operation: AVA Train
Date: Unknown
Location: Eurasian Railway
Mission: SPWAR-Infiltration Operation
Map Overview
No Map Overview

Both the EU and NRF have received intelligence that a train carrying a deadly viral-based biological weapon is out of control on the Eurasian railway.

Johann Wilhelm Erdmann,project manager of the railroad's construction and CEO of a multinational corporation,installed the weapon to take over the world,and special forces were sent to the train to stop him.However,only two agents survived the initial assault. The agents trapped in the train are trying to destroy the weapon before the train arrives at its final destination, New Istanbul Station. When the battle begins,escape the locked room with your teammate and make your way to the head of the train.

Disassemble each area's security systems until you reach front compartment where you'll confront boss 'Erdmann'. The front compartment is the heart of the fortified train,containing the control panel for the virus release system.'Erdmann' is there and he must be eliminated.
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Train is a round based Co-op Mission involving you and 1 other player which can be played on Easy,Challenge,and Extreme.

You will have a chance to receive a Mystery Box in the slot machine after defeating each boss and a guaranteed box after you have beaten the final boss.

It involves 5 levels. On easy you got 2x Lives, on Extreme 1x Life.

As for easy you only can get timed rewards.

On Extreme Mode you can get permanent items from the Mystery Box.

Special Features:[]

For this mode, you don't need to take your own guns. You only play Rifleman (F2). Its good if you have timed guns in your inventory to avoid repair costs because you wont get any € in this mode. (Not even with Euro plus).

You start with a Prisoner's Foodtray and an Auto 9 with infinite ammo.

Additionally, you have 1 (2 Slots with Train boost item) for Special heavy gun. These guns can be:

- M134 (Gatling 100/100 Ammo)

- M202 Multi Rocket Launcher (4/4 Ammo)

- M4A1 with M203 Grenade launcher (35/150 Ammo / 1/3 Grenades)

- MX-01 Saw Gun (300 Ammo)

- GM-94 Grenade Launcher (3/3 Ammo)

Permanent items from the Mystery Box:[]

- MX-01 Saw Aquila or Black edition

- Desert Eagle Aquilla or Black edition

- Eisbeil Aquilla or Black edition

- Erdmann Mask can be won perm from the "completion reward box" (<-- only in this one!)

More possible items from Mystery Box:[]

- Mosin Nagant (1d)

- Thompson (1d)

- OTs-03A (1d)

- Striker 12 (1d)

- SR-2M Veresk (1d)

- AKS-74U Desmodus (1d)

- OTS14 - White Shark (1d)

- G36 Crocodile (1d)

- Blue Skull (1d)

- VSS Katana (1d)

- Kar98K Raijin (1d)

- AK-47 / AK-47 Lion (1d)

- M4A1 (MK.4) (1d)

- Prisoner's Foodtray (1d)

- M40A1 (1d)

- Mace (1d)

- ASW.338 (1d)

- AK-12 (1d)

- SG556 Commando (1d)

- Different Grenades All of them are skinned M67 (1d)

How to Win Train[]

ROUND 1: Easy..It's advised that you choose Bizon Arachne as your weapon.

THE BOSS: Easy xD he sucks:p if he leaves you machine gun take it and save it for last boss. He can't hurt you much if u shoot him lol.

ROUND 2: My advice is to take either Ak Wolf or AK Seroja, better to take Seroja because Wolf needs to be scoped and is more for people who can control it totally. At this point, never take desmodus. Don't rush when outside and generally it isn't advised to rush on any round.

THE BOSS: Zombies:C Camp! Camp on the edge of the bridge as it can be seen on the picture. One of them can't hurt you so keep that in mind. Kill them at same time. This isn't such a hard boss, because you can camp bridge.

ROUND 3: When round 3 starts they come on you for few seconds already, the spawn isn't safe xD. I advice that one takes Mad Galil and other covers him with a rifle. When you come to helicopter ignore him at first, first you need to wait for soldiers that spawn in the middle of the Train and kill them. Then you are fighting the helicopter. Make 3 hits with Galil/rifle and change position or camp somewhere where he can't hit you. Don't use machine gun on him if you already have one, you need it for the last round. Now the jumping part. Don't fall. Seriously. You will die 100% if you do. If one does fall then the other guy from up kills all of them down because that way there is no risk of more deaths here. Now down to the laser part. You can practice yourself to near perfect in this. If you fail at lasers which aren't so easy then go up. From up you can easily kill all of them but when you are up move around because tempests rockets hit the wall behind you. Now it shouldn't be so hard further if 2 guys cover each other and not rush. When you go down shoot a lot there and now here we come to the boss.

THE BOSS: Robots:D Don't camp! Move a lot. First kill the yellow one and while moving. Then kill Lime ( the invisible one ) and then the actually hardest part. A lot of pikes spawn and you need to shoot them that's the most important thing. After you got rid of pikes you can call it a good game for this round. Finish Tempest if you didn't and Barbatos last.

ROUND 4: Again I would advice that one takes the sniper and one covers him with a rifle. You are now outside. The important tip I would give here is not to rush. Play it slowly, step by step. Sniper man leads and kills much while rifle man plays defensive role. When the fog comes some mini bosses will come so don't rush. Kill them and when big zombies spawn sniper makes some hss for easy pass throw. Now the missile launchers it isn't that hard. Sniper man camps so he can only see a tiny bit of launcher and he spams it while rifle man covers. Not so hard and you are at round 4 boss. This round is actually much easier to me then round 3.

THE BOSS: Panfilovs:3 Camp! If you camp the edge of the bridge in the middle of it all 3 will be below you and you can easily kill them! That is, if nothing goes wrong of course:) ROUND 5: Again one should take sniper for sure and easy kills from far and it doesn't matter what other guy takes there will be new set of weapons pretty soon. Now while in this part of Train, don't rush. Play it carefully as they spawn suddenly in the middle of the Train. You quickly come to the doors of the final boss. This is an easy round. But only to the final boss. Then it becomes sickly hard.

THE BOSS: Erdmann. The boss that just won't die. Even I often lose against him. Here are my advises on how to win against him. Don't camp! But sometimes camp the bridge up there, when he starts to shoot rockets then move and when he starts to teleport also move. Basically camp only at the start of fighting him, and not anymore. I noticed, and this is how I win against him, when you shoot him much hes then not so good at damaging you even if hes on you. I advice you not to take Caiman or M4a1 for him but to take either Dual Tmps or Corvus and maybe its better to take Corvus. This guns have much dps which needs to be spammed on the boss, and also high mobility which has been shown to be very important too. Move smart! You can move across the area on a way which makes it hard for him to keep hitting you or even just hit. When more of them spawn and by the way congratulations if you came all the way here, they have a much lower hp than the main boss so you need to kill them bravely and strong. An important tip here is to save 'special guns' all the way for the final boss, I advice that both players save machine guns which I use on the 4 bosses that are supporting the main boss. This way you can quickly get rid of them. Also, when they spawn he is slower. Now finish the ultimate boss and the mission. :)

Weapon Bug[]

There is a bug: the timed guns from the box have different stats compared to the Ingame shop versions.

Here Some Examples

The Thompson from the box only has 35 Damage instead of 36 like the Ingame shop version!

The AK-47 or AK-47 Lion have 45 Damage not 41 like the Ingame shop version!

This can give players a big advantage or Disadvantage Ingame!