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Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft Carrier
Operation: Aircraft Carrier
Date: N/A
Location: norwegian sea
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
No Map Overview

Aircraft Carrier is a Demolition map that is avaliable in Global AVA from update 26-11-2021 (Playtest)


When the system operated by the NRF army in Sozopol incapacitates the defense of the Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carrier "Blauer Drache" in the North Sea The NRF gathered in Bergen captures the nuclear aircraft carrier by anti-aircraft penetration. With the NRF placing all states in the North Sea within range of nuclear missiles, all European states are in an emergency defense posture.

When naval special forces capable of diving mobiles install explosives at the bottom of the nuclear aircraft carrier and secure the entry path of EU forces, EU forces will carry out operations "Longinus Spear" aimed at directly recapturing nuclear weapons by blowing up the lower hangar or incapacitating nuclear weapons by blowing up control systems.

When the battle begins, EU forces must install C4 inside the nuclear aircraft carrier to destroy the target point or annihilate the NRF forces. The NRF forces must prevent this and release the C4 bombs set up by the EU forces.