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The Alliance of Valiance Storyline is the ongoing war being fought between the European Union and the Neo Russian Federation. The conflict is occurring simultaneously in many theaters around the world based on the backgrounds accompanying the Alliance of Valiant Arms Maps .

Map Storylines[]


Operation: Slim Fox
Date: March, 2012
Location: Sydney, Australia

In the South Pacific, the NRF aircraft carrier [Isakov] engaged in a fierce battle with EU fleets. During this battle Isakov experiences engine troubles and steers out of course at maximum speed towards the Australia’s harbor city of Sydney. Isakov plunges through the pier of Sydney and comes to a stop in the middle of city streets. A quarrel breaks out between the NRF troops who were transporting carrier ballistic missiles and the EU troops who attempt to put a stop to the NRF. When the battle starts, EU troops must destroy either one of the two objectives, ballistic missiles or installing control devices. NRF troops must prevent the EU troops from destroying the objectives by eliminating the EU troops or by defusing the planted C4.


Operation: Barricade
Date: January, 2012
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A squad of NRF agents who infiltrated Rocinha, a slum located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has succeeded in stirring up the general discontent of the region - the rabble is rioting. Unable to afford the loss of the pro-EU Brazilian government, EU deploys a team of commandos to neutralize the NRF threat in the region. However, it is apparent that something more sinister than a riot is brewing. The forces of EU and NRF spawn at both ends of the map. It features a slum with a variety of obstacles and detours.


Operation: Hammer Blow
Date: February, 2009
Location: A factory district, Varna, Bulgaria

With the central Europe secured, EU marches to the east.

EU orders the 51st division that is deployed to capture and hold Bulgaria to recapture one of the strategic point Varna, a small port city around the Red Sea from the occupying NRF force. As a preparation for the imminent all-out-war, EU decided to prevent any NRF reinforcement in the area. They would strike the forward base of the NRF mechanized infantry regiment. A formation of bombers was sent for an air raid over the target area, but the clustered arrays of AA guns prevented them from inflicting any serious damage to NRF position. Failed in the air, EU deploys a small group of commandos to demolish military targets as a last resort.

Channel Islands[]

Operation: Cold Case
Date: Mid September, 2007
Location: Alderney, Channel Islands, southern part of the North Sea

Ruvins Mihailovic, the NRF president Vladimir Maskov's right hand man as well as the head of the secret service, requested asylum to the EU in secret.

Ruvins' request was accepted by the EU government. He is to go to Alderney, an island under the NRF control located in the open waters near French coastal waters, and is to be boarded on an EU submarine that is awaiting him. According to the plan, the EU was to dispatch a submarine and a unit of soldiers to support the asylum. However, Mihailovic's plan was exposed by the military intelligence of the NRF, and he was arrested and imprisoned right before the operation.

So the EU force already arrived at the cold house in the Alderny island, changes plan to take over the island by force as the island was strategically important. However, at the same moment, the NRF force arrived at the scene to stop the EU from taking Mihailovic away, and an intensive fight began...

Czech Republic[]

Operation: Dual Sight
Date: Mid November, 2008
Location: Old Czechoslovak military installations, the outskirts of Brono, Czech Republic

While the main EU force pushes and liberates Poland past the German borders, its left wing, 623rd Airborne Brigade and the 2nd Royal Armored Brigade from the United Kingdoms pass the Erz Mountains and drive through Czech, Bohemian Basin, to the undefended Prague. After small scale battles Prague falls. The forward regiment of this force reaches Brono, an industrial city of Czech.

Around the city of Brono are numerous plants and old NATO military facilities before Czech joined to NRF by force. Therefore, the remaining NRF force in the area plans to use this city as the base of defense and counter-offense operations. As photoreconnaissance reveals the mobilization of NRF, EU plans a surprise assault over the line using the special teams in the 623rd Brigade. Their primary objective is an old Czech military base converted into an AA missile base by NRF. Although small, the missiles from this base were inflicting considerable damage to support aircrafts. The commandos are about to strike the site to destroy the communications system for missile guidance and the missile storage.


Operation: Scorpion
Date: Mid September, 2008 Location: Khor' Angar, Republic of Djibouti

As war in Europe intensifies, its theatre of war also expands. Djibouti, a small country located around the Red Sea, the north of the Somali Peninsula in the eastern Africa. In the southern part of the nation is occupied by the national army consists of mainly the Issas, a minority race, is backed by EU while the rebels led by the Afars from the northern part of the nation is backed by Eritrea, a puppet government of NRF. The strategic goal of NRF is to control or contest Djibouti, the traffic central between Southwestern Asia and Eastern Africa. With this area secured, the petroleum supply for EU would be disrupted, hopefully to the point where the EU would seriously consider offering a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, the ever-worsening situation of the European theater of war pushes NRF to employ Blitzkrieg tactic. As a part of this plan, NRF deploys a sizable force in this area to quickly topple the pro-EU government with the help of rebel forces. The outgunned and outnumbered Djibouti government seriously considers surrendering in reaction. Such development alarmed the EU leadership enough to take an immediate action. The 5th International Regiment and the 13th Mercenary Regiment, who were stationed in Djibouti, are ordered to strike the NRF headquarter in full force. Their target is supposedly located in the city of Khor'Angar in Obock province to the north. EU must penetrate the battle line and neutralize the main NRF force before the Djibouti government declares surrender.


Operation: Pyramid
Date: October, 2009
Location: Historic site by Lake Moeris, north of Hawara, Egypt

It is October 2009 and the NRF's the surging attacks are stopped by a desperate EU counterattack in France, bringing the battlefront to a lull. During this time of temporary peace, the EU seeks reinforcement and secures strategic points in Africa and the Middle East to try to reclaim its status. While holding a pro-NRF Iraq and Iran in check, the EU engages Egypt in an attempt to gain influence over the Suez Canal. The EU promises support for large-scale waterway and irrigation construction as well as farmland development projects centering on Lake Moeris in Al-Faiyum, its surrounding oases, and Hawara City.

Meanwhile, while Lucas Duisenberg -- president of European Central Bank and the man in charge of the support projects -- plans to visit the sites in absolute secrecy, the NRF's internal intelligence obtains this information. The NRF immediately plans an operation to assassinate Duisenburg in an attempt to freeze EU-Egypt relations. An elite Spetsnaz troop is assembled and sent through Sudan to infiltrate the historic site north of Hawara City. At the request of the Egyptian government, a special EU force patrols areas surrounding Lake Moeris as a precaution against the NRF's suspicious movements. The special force comes in contact with the NRF Spetsnaz (who are on stand-to at the ancient historic site) and the fight begins. It begins with sporadic attacks, but soon turns into a ferocious battle…


Operation: Castle Rock
Date: Mid February, 2008
Location: Fontainebleau Forest in the suburbs of Paris, France

NRF stations a panzer division and large-scale military forces on a line linking Rouen and Orleans, the cities of the southwestern Paris Basin, and wait to march north to the EU in case they detected signs of their own breakdown throughout France's front line owing to EU's counterattack that started in January, 2008. Checking the advance of EU to Paris was why NRF started the operation. They also wanted to boost the morale of their soldiers. In mid February, 2008, the eastern EU, who had slackened the reins a bit, launched a big attack on Rouen and ordered 2 airborne regiments to drop into the vicinity of Fontainebleau at one time to build a defensive position, and watch for unguarded positions along the NRF front, who were waiting for them. Airborne troops who raided NRF's defense platforms nearby the woods, started a hot battle against NRF's reinforcements.

Operation: Fox Hunting
Date: April, 2008
Location: A small town, Bourgogne, France

The EU's swift retaliation in force is successful. Within a couple months, EU liberated France and Germany, pushing the battle line to the east.

But the rapid shift of battle line left many pocket resistances. Some of such NRF forces refused to surrender and engaged in organized guerilla warfare.

Troubled EU redeploys some of its front line regiments back for a sweeping operation. In Bourgogne, France, a group of NRF guerillas penetrate a small village in the area and manage to acquire the transmission codes of EU and tries to send them back to the main NRF force. Aware of the activity of these guerillas, EU launches an operation to intercept them.

Operation: Hell Hound
Date: May, 2009
Location: The outskirts of Paris, France

Started in May, 2009, Operation Fox Hunt has proven successful so far and the majority of the NRF guerillas have been eliminated.

However, a small number of them survived the hunt and renewed their will to resist. Cut-off and behind enemy lines, these hopeless NRF guerillas fight recklessly at will, inflicting as much damage as they can before their inevitable death. They call themselves the Hell Hounds.


Operation: Runaway
Date: Early August, 2008 Location: A hydropower plant in Eder Dam, Bad Wildungen, Ruhrgebiet, Germany

Early August in 2008, EU southern force advancing over the France border towards the German inland, set their bridgehead in northern Bad Wildungen, a small city in Ruhrgebiet, Germany to attack Hamburg. NRF in Hamburg already knew their intentions and was planning on destroying Eder Dam of Eder River in northern west of Bad Wildungen and submerge EU bridgehead in the downstream. For the operation, remaining nukes from Operation Break Out was secretly moved to the hydroelectric power plant inside the Eder Dam, but the plan was betrayed to the EU special force by an EU spy within NRF. Evacuation order was immediately sent to the EU forces in the downstream, but the time was not enough to evacuate the whole force. Now, EU headquarters starts an operation sending special unit 623 to infiltrate Eder Dam and capture the nuke itself...

Operation: Storm Blitz
Date: Late August 2008
Location: Hanover, Germany

The 217th Combined Armored Division and the 623rd Special Task Brigade, tasked to secure inner German areas and the advancing routes, plan to detour through Hanover, a strategic point and bottleneck, and push on to Hamburg.

However, the NRF forces in Hanover foresaw EU's plan and mounted a prototype weapon -- a high power microwave emitter system -- on top of DBC station inside the city. NRF's top priority weapon project, the microwave emitter system, can provide air and ground targeting for all guided weapons within a radius of 200km. Although not fully operational yet, with the help of the extra height and the more than sufficient power supply of the TV station, this weapon could stop the EU's advance. Informed of such a new weapon, the EU redesigned the plan of attack to quickly enter the streets of Hanover, locate the DBC site, and neutralize the microwave system. EU intelligence believes that the majority of the Hanover garrison has mobilized for the battle of Zandvoort, and that the operation would meet light resistance. To avoid the risk of the landing in Hamburg totally failing, the 623rd Brigade's battle tanks start the assault on Hanover. However, the battle intensifies as EU meets a tenacious counter attack from NRF.

Operation: Black Scent
Date: Last September, 2008
Location: A private research and chemical plant, the outskirts of Cottbus, Germany

EU investigated the CL-20 warehouse where was destructed by SHOWDOWN operation after the recover of Bremerhaven. In result, they found out that the large scale of manufacturing facilities of CL-20 may still left in the NRF-occupied area. Meanwhile, the EU secret service who captured a private research in the outskirts of Cottbus, the small manufacturing town located on the border of Germany and Poland, checked the information about mass production of CL-20 that reported by their special infiltration force. However, the special force was wiped out by NRF.

The chief executives of EU who grasped that it was a state of emergency, decided to destroy the private research and map out a plan of Black Scent operations: the special force sneaks into and blasts the manufacturing facilities of CL-20. If it goes wrong, the ground attak aircraft that was standed by for the desctruction of antiaircraft guns, will blast the manufacturing facilities after the special force blasts the guns, supporting them to escape. Last September, 2008. At last, this operations starts...

Operation: Chromite
Date: September, 2008
Location: Factory in the suburbs of Neuwied, Germany

The 3rd Marine Corps of EU landed north of the city of Hamburg but met with heavy resistance from the NRF while securing the beachhead. The well-supplied and mechanized NRF forces cornered the 3rd Marine Corps who were unable to call in air support on account of the bad weather. To save the marines from near annihilation and change the course of the battle, the EU headquarters ordered the north-bound 207th mechanized brigade from the 9th division to strike armament works in Neuwied with a group of commandos, which were being used to supply the NRF forces that had cornered the marines.

Operation: Rising Dust
Date: October 10th, 2008
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

The EU launches an all-out assault on the city of Frankfurt, the last urban stronghold of the NRF in the country. Not wanting to inflict collateral damage to one of their major economic hubs and thus cripple its capacity, the EU forces decide to take advantage of the elements of speed and surprise that their armored brigade has. According to the plan of attack, an armored brigade is to quickly disable NRF movement by cutting off their main route and then divide and conquer the enemy. Making this plan even more attractive is the fact that the civilians have already been evacuated. October 10th, 2008 The battle for Frankfurt starts with the advance of Leopard 2 MBTs from the 217th armored brigade. Their objective is to destroy elevated highways within the city, on which the NRF move around.

Operation: Anaconda
Date: Late September, 2009
Location: A freight loading facility, in the outskirts of Keil, Germany

In late September of 2008, after a successful landing and the capture of Hamburg, the EU was chasing the NRF forces into Jutland to corner and wipe them out. However, the 2nd Royal Mechanized Sniper Division and the 16th Special Task Brigade of the NRF proved an elusive catch. Dragged by the amazing speed of their retreat, the chasing EU forces became scattered. When the 7th Combined Armored Brigade of EU briefly stopped for resupplying while the 62nd Liberator Brigade continued the chase, a gap opened. Seizing this chance, the NRF sends the majority of the 16th Special Task Brigade into the south hoping to encircle their pursuers and wipe them out before the main EU forces arrive. However, the EU forces apprehend this attempt and counter it by also moving south. The two sides clash in full force at a freight loading facility located in the outer rim of Kiel, a trading port.

Operation: Showdown
Date: October, 2010
Location: A Transport company, on the outskirts of Bremerhaven, Germany

The unstoppable advance of the EU forced NRF to abandon France. The retreating NRF desperately tried to re-establish a firm battle line along the borders of Germany. It was at that time that EU intelligence caught wind of serious NRF troop movement in Bremerhaven, a port city in northern Germany. It seemed that NRF special operation teams had constructed a secret final process line and storage facilities for CL-20, a powerful explosive, at the MEER TRANS site that is located within the city in order to prepare multiple simultaneous bombing attacks in cooperation with a terrorist group based in the United Kingdom. Although NRF had been completely repelled from France, Bremerhaven is too deep inside enemy territory for the EU to launch any kind of large-scale operation. To deal with this threat, The EU leadership deploys a group of special infiltrators into Bremerhaven to quickly take control of the situation.


Operation: India
Date: May, 2010
Location: Manufacturing facility in Jaisalmer, India

EU Intelligence uncovers the presence of a VX nerve gas, a potent chemical weapon, in a manufacturing facility disguised as a crude oil mining and storing site of a multinational corporation in the city of Jaisalmer, India. The EU command center dispatches a special unit to the site to stop the production of VX. An intense battle erupts as the EU commandos lay siege to the facility.


Operation: Airplane
Date: August, 2011
Location: Yazd, Iran

A cargo plane of EU Intelligence crashes somewhere in the vicinity of the city of Yazd, located in central Iran. The NRF knows that the airplane in question was carrying weapons of mass destruction, and intends to capitalize on this political opportunity once they obtain the hard evidence. A small EU force scrambles to the crash site to control the situation by destroying any and all such evidence. When the mission starts, EU troops need to demolish either the cargo thrown out of the crashed airplane or the makeshift radio communications site of the NRF with C4 in order to succeed in the mission. NRF troops must prevent EU troops from demolishing either objective by defusing the C4.


Operation: Burning Temple
Date: Mid February, 2009
Location: Udine, Italy

While EU’s furious advance towards Eastern Europe was halted when Italy joined EU, an ex-neutral force, NRF prepared for their final counterstrike. In mid-February 2009, as NRF forces in the Ukraine started to advance, EU forces in Eastern Europe rapidly set up their defenses and engaged in fearsome battles, but it was just a decoy, and the NRF main force was already in southern Hungary advancing towards the Czech Republic. This main force was the true hero of the grand scheme, surrounding and destroying EU forces in Eastern Europe once and for all. When the operation started, the encircling NRF forces stayed on their advancing course and sent their special forces to southern Slovenia to capture Udine City in northern Italy in order to gain control of the air. There, there was an underground control station for an air defense radar system which could intercept every plane or other object flying over the Alps. EU forces in the south grasped the importance of the control station and immediately started a recapturing operation. They first sent special airborne unit 623 to northern Italy by air, and with the aid of Switzerland's Leopard 2A6 tanks. the NRF in Udine City went into a panic and instead of defending the control station, set up a time bomb in the facility. However, special airborne unit 623 already had received intelligence from an NRF prisoner, and had set their top priority on Udine City Hall where the underground control facility was located, and advanced in full force. On the other hand, the NRF in Udine City set up their line of defense around the church to fiercely fight off their enemies...


Operation: Blazing Fort
Date: Mid April, 2009
Location: A railroad depot in Daugavpils, the manufacturing city in Eastern Latvia

At the end of the war, the Latvian government was feeling very uneasy. They had cooperated with the NRF but the outcome did not look very positive so they approached the EU offering their support. The Latvian government decided to fund a large-scale EMP weapon project proposed by Dr. Karel Nasonovich Tynyinov and started to test the weapon in a railway station in Daugavpils, an industrial city near the NRF border. Their aim was to attack NRF military facilities.

After receiving such a report from the Latvian government, the EU forces realized that EU troops stationed in Estonia were within the attack range of the EMP weapon and if the NRF got control of the weapon, it could be a devastating situation for the EU. In order to eliminate such a threat, the EU decided to forcefully obtain the EMP weapon by sending unit 605, a unit specialized for urban combat. The NRF have also received intel on the EMP weapon, and are planning an assault on the facility of their own with their own special Urban Warfare unit. The Latvian forces have retreated leaving the EMP behind, but Dr. Karel managed to initiate the launch of the weapon before evacuating. The EU and NRF now know that the missile cannot be stopped. Their only hope is to grab the control unit first and change the direction of the missile to minimize their casualties.


Operation: Cannon
Date: September, 2008
Location: Abandoned industrial complex in Tiraspol, Moldova

A group of resistance fighters supporting Russia against Moldova's independence movement intercepts a nuclear warhead that was smuggled from the NRF by the EU and tries to detonate it in an abandoned industrial complex near the city of Tiraspol, a major settlement of the Transnistria region neighboring a small Eastern European country called Moldova. Although the detonation attempt was successfully prevented by a special task team dispatched from the NRF, the EU is concerned at the prospect of the NRF escalating the situation into more political turmoil. A small EU task force is to be sent to destroy evidence of their crime by retrieving or destroying the warhead.


Operation: Gallery
Date: December, 2010
Location: Art Gallery in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Soldiers from the NRF Sniper Brigade have been looting a variety of cultural artifacts while retreating from France to the defense line behind the Rhine River, and they are trying to take control of an art gallery located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in order to obtain a masterpiece kept in the basement of the gallery. However, they encounter a team of EU snipers, passing through the area on an assault recon mission, and the two sides get into a fierce battle.. Both the EU and NRF teams spawn at the both ends of the gallery as the Sniper Class only. There are many obstacles and alternative routes present in the combat area of the art gallery.

Operation: Snake Eye
Date: November, 2010
Location: The outskirts of Zandvoort, Netherlands

NRF receives an intelligence report that the EU forces are marshalling to Zandvoort to capture Hamburg.

NRF orders the garrisoned regiments in the area to secure Zandvoort before the EU forces have become firmly established in the area. The scrambled NRF forces arrive in Zandvoort just before the forces of EU get there. The two sides immediately engage in battle to completely eliminate each other even before they could properly position themselves.

Operation: Windmill
Date: November, 2011
Location: North Holland, Netherlands

While the NRF forces try to catch their breath after retreating from a major counterattack, they attempt to bring order out of chaos and finish building a temporary defense line. The EU forces, meanwhile, find themselves in need of temporarily stopping their charge in order to secure supply lines and make repairs and maintenances. As a result, The NRF and EU forces splitting Aalsmeer, in the Netherlands's province of North Holland, agree to a temporary ceasefire.However, the NRF's special forces continue field testing the Red Shield project (a BattleGear prototype development project) in secrecy, incurring casualties from both sides. As both sides interpret this as an act of provocation, the tention continues to mount. Evertually it leads to a long-range skirmish that soon escalates to a full-fledged battle.Both the EU and NRF forces spawn only as Snipers at the edges of the vast area that features a swamp and a neglected windmill. The battlefield contains obstacles such as destoyed buildings and remnants as well as grasslands, with many side roads.


Operation: Supply
Date: May, 2011
Location: Katowice, Poland

The main EU force rushing toward Southern Poland came to a halt when it faced the formidable line of defense from the NRF. A group of special ops from the EU is dispatched behind enemy lines to sever the NRF's supply line and wreak havoc. Their main target is an oil supply depot located in the city of Katowice. An intense street battle begins when the EU soldiers and the NRF garrison encounter each other. When the mission starts, EU troops need to demolish either the oil supply tank or the gas supply tank with C4 in order to dismantle enemy operations. NRF troops must prevent EU troops from demolishing either objective by defusing the C4.

South Africa[]

Operation: Township
Date: January, 2011
Location: The outskirts of Musina, Republic of South Africa

A commanding officer of the EU expeditionary force patrolling the Zimbabwe border near a refugee camp on the outskirt of Musina in the Limpopo province of the Republic of South Africa was assassinated by NRF troops supported by Zimbabwe. A desperate battle erupts between the vengeful EU troops and the defending NRF troops. Both the EU and NRF teams spawn at each end of the map with AI soldiers. There are many obstacles and alternative routes present in the combat area of the refugee camp.

Operations in Chronological Order[]

Operation: Cold Case (Mid September, 2007)
Operation: Castle Rock (Mid February, 2008)
Operation: Fox Hunting (April, 2008)
Operation: Runaway (Early August, 2008)
Operation: Storm Blitz (Late August 2008)
Operation: Black Scent (Last September, 2008)
Operation: Cannon (September, 2008)
Operation: Chromite (September, 2008)
Operation: Scorpion (Mid September, 2008)
Operation: Rising Dust (October 10th, 2008)
Operation: Dual Sight (Mid November, 2008)
Operation: Hammer Blow (February, 2009)
Operation: Burning Temple (Mid February, 2009)
Operation: Blazing Fort (Mid April, 2009)
Operation: Hell Hound (May, 2009)
Operation: Anaconda (Late September, 2009)
Operation: Pyramid (October, 2009)
Operation: India (May, 2010)
Operation: Showdown (October, 2010)
Operation: Snake Eye (November, 2010)
Operation: Gallery (December, 2010)
Operation: Township (January, 2011)
Operation: Supply (May, 2011)
Operation: Airplane (August, 2011)
Operation: Windmill (November, 2011)
Operation: Barricade (January, 2012)
Operation: Slim Fox (March, 2012)