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Operation: ANACONDA
Date: Late September, 2009
Location: A freight loading facility, in the outskirts of Keil, Germany
Mission: Annihilation
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In late September of 2008, after a successful landing and the capture of Hamburg, the EU was chasing the NRF forces into Jutland to corner and wipe them out. However, the 2nd Royal Mechanized Sniper Division and the 16th Special Task Brigade of the NRF proved an elusive catch. Dragged by the amazing speed of their retreat, the chasing EU forces became scattered. When the 7th Combined Armored Brigade of EU briefly stopped for resupplying while the 62nd Liberator Brigade continued the chase, a gap opened. Seizing this chance, the NRF sends the majority of the 16th Special Task Brigade into the south hoping to encircle their pursuers and wipe them out before the main EU forces arrive. However, the EU forces apprehend this attempt and counter it by also moving south. The two sides clash in full force at a freight loading facility located in the outer rim of Kiel, a trading port.
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