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A high-quality combat knife that has seen a good deal of modern improvements in terms of material and shape also retaining its traditional design and adornments.
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The Anaconda Kukri is a melee weapon that can only be obtained by either playing Death Valley: Extreme until the 2nd level 40 times or finishing the entire Death Valley: Extreme game 4 times. But the chances are still low, rumors go as: "1% chance to get one on completion of Death Valley: Extreme, but needs at least 4 completions to get that chance". However, it is impossible to obtain with weapon for free due to the updated Death Valley Co-op mission.



  • It is a Boa Kukri with a special Anaconda design and has a little more damage.
  • Above the hilt, there is a symbol of a serpent which indicates that it will share the stats of the Clan Champsionship Kukris.