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"Eliminate the enemy!"
- Soldier


Annihilation is a game mode which resembles a two-team death match. Team scores are increased by one each time a player kills a player of the opposing side. The winning team is decided when one of the teams hits the mission score first (80 points, 100 points, 180 points). Annihilation is not available in quick match and only in normal channel.


Dog Tags

Dog Tags can be collected by players for extra points. A Dog Tag point is awarded when a player collects 3 Dog Tags from the bodies of friendly or hostile players. The amount of Dog Tags you have collected is reset when you die, so you must get all 3 Dog Tags within the same life for the points to be awarded.


  • Dog Tags only appear in Annihilation matches.
  • It is confirmed that Tactics points awarded from collecting Dog Tags do increase the team's overall score when granted.