Alliance of Valiant Arms Wiki

This is the default ranked matchmaking mode, which can be found in Quick Match. In order to play Arena, a user needs to be at least the level of Second Lieutenant 1st class (21) Second Lieutenant 1.gif in order to start playing.

Each user starts at 1200 RP, which stands for Ranking Points. For each match, you gain or lose ranking points depending on the opponents ranking points. The higher your ranking is, the less ranking points you gain for a win and the more you lose upon a loss. Leaving a match gives an additional penalty of about 30 Ranking Points.

Up until 1400, you will not lose any ranking points. This means you move from Green (1200 RP) to 1400 (Bronze 2). The ranks are classified in branches of 50 Ranking Points. A detailed list is explained below.

Ranking Points System
Ranking Points Minimum Ranking Points Maximum Ranking Points Name
1 1200 Green
1201 1250 Bronze V
Bronze 5.png
1251 1300 Bronze IV
Bronze 4.png
1301 1350 Bronze III
Bronze 3.png
1351 1400 Bronze II
Bronze 2.png
1401 1450 Bronze I
Bronze 1.png
1451 1500 Silver V
Silver 5.png
1501 1550 Silver IV
Silver 4.png
1551 1600 Silver III
Silver 3.png
1601 1650 Silver II
Silver 2.png
1651 1700 Silver I
Silver 1.png
1701 1750 Gold V
Gold 5.png
1751 1800 Gold IV
Gold 4.png
1801 1850 Gold III
Gold 3.png
1851 1900 Gold II
Gold 2.png
1901 1950 Gold I
Gold 1.png
1951 2000 Platinum V
Platinum 5.png
2001 2050 Platinum IV
Platinum 4.png
2051 2100 Platinum III
Platinum 3.png
2101 2150 Platinum II
Platinum 2.png
2151 2200 Platinum I
Platinum 1.png
2201 2250 Silver Star III
Silver star 3.png
2251 2300 Silver Star II
Silver star 2.png
2301 2350 Silver Star I
Silver star 1.png
2351 2400 Gold Star
Arena 1.png
2401 2450 Red Star
Red rank.png
2451 2500 Rainbow Star
Rainbow rank 1.png


All different Arena Rank icons. These show up in lobby and during the loading screen of an Arena game.