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Armor is equipment or visual apparel that a player can buy for their soldier in Alliance of Valiant Arms. Armor can grant bonuses to the player's character and also change the appearance of a player's soldier. The Weapon Shop has a large and diverse amount of equipment in stock, which can be bought for either Euros or premium currency.


Name price Bonus Image
Boonie Hat 3.600 euro (1 day) 2% lucky shot
Boonie Hat shop
Master Boonie Hat 3.600 euro (1 day) 2% lucky shot
Master Boonie Hat shop
Winter Cap 3.600 euro (1 day) N/A
Winter Cap shop
Labor Day Safety Helmet 3.600 euro (1 day) N/A
Safety Helmet shop
Baseball Hat 3.600 euro (1 day) N/A
Baseball Hat shop
Cupido Face 3.600 euro (1 day) N/A
Cupido Face shop

Armor sets[]

The in-game shop contains two armor sets. Armor set A contains the .... armor. Armor set B contains the ... armor. One of the two is not useful because you start with better armor.