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AVA Aslan 1
Operation: Aslan
Date: August 25th, 2022
Location: Recreation area in the Turkish Republic in northern Cyprus
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
Aslan Overview

A secret drug factory was discovered, operated by the Russian mafia and disguised as a private villa. Located on the Mediterranean in Northern Cyprus, it’s in part of the Turkish Republic. It’s purpose is to create and supply drugs to Western Europe. Due to political reasons the EU cannot send in a large military force so instead it is decided to dispatch Team 702, a special organization, to destroy this secret NRF factory.
  — Map Background 

Aslan means lion in Turkish. That is why there is a lion statue in the middle of the map.

Tips & Tactics[]


AVAグレ.com 「ASLAN EU Side」 For Rifleman

EU Rilfeman Nade spots


AVAグレ.com 「ASLAN NRF Side」 For Rifleman

 NRF Side Rifleman Nade spots



A.V.A (KR) - Aslan - New Demolition Map - Trailer

The Korean trailer of Aslan

Aslan banner