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The AK-47 is one of the more popular assault rifles in AVA, featuring very high accuracy damage, and overall reliability

Assault Rifles are weapons that are notable for their all-around effectiveness at any range, especially from middle to long range. They are weapons exclusive to the Rifleman class, and contain the most diverse category of weapons, from guns with low rates of fire and high damage, high rates of fire and low damage, and many combinations in between. Assault Rifles tend to be very user-friendly thanks to the variety of situations where they will not necessarily excel, but perform just enough to get the job done.

Assault Rifle Base Stat Comparison Datatable[]

Weapon (AR) Damage Range Accuracy Stability Mobility Rate of Fire Magazine Size Rank Requirement
M4A1 (Laser S2, ACOG, LR B2, Acc T, Recoil Control S) 32 48(+6) 69(+4) 53(+1) 53(-2) 67 30 (1) Trainee
M4A1 (Dot S, LR B2, Prototype G, Recoil Control S) 32 48(+6) 65 55(+3) 55 67 30 (1) Trainee
M4A1 (Dot S, B B2, Prototype G, Recoil Control S) 32 45(+3) 64(-1) 55(+3) 55 70(+3) 30 (1) Trainee