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Operation: Asylum
Date: N/A
Location: Andorra
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
Asylum map overview.png

In August 2013, the NRF forces successfully infiltrated the Principality of Andorra with krasov 308 paratroopers, aiming for an EU summit in France.

The 308 troops immediately crossed the French border and made a make-for-use inn at a U.S. military hospital used at the time of the European War. However, the gas facility that remained in the hospital was discovered by the EU side while carrying supplies.

A small number of troops sent to destroy the remaining gas facilities confront the NRF forces who remained in the temporary inn.
  — Map background 

Asylum is a demolition map in AVA, that probably will be available in UAVA. This map has is named Asile in Asia versions of AVA.