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Designed by Beretta of Italy. Its M9 model is the standard sidearm of the US army. The M92FS version replaced the M9F with known durability problem. The pistol is one of the most instantly recognizable firearm models in the world with its traditional and stable design.
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The B-92 is a Secondary released in the November 2021 CBT Playtest.


The Beretta92FS is a secondary weapon that is one of the most unique pistols in its category. Despite having slightly better stats than the Glock21C, the two most unique traits of the Beretta is the fact that it can be equipped with a suppressor and has the ability to zoom. However, zoom should be used with extreme discretion because the Beretta is almost always bested at longer ranges by Assault Rifles and Snipers. Unless the suppressor and zoom features are an absolutely necessities needed for the secondary slot, the extra 1,000 Euros needed for the Beretta are somewhat encouraged, since similar performance can be obtained from cheaper weapons when used properly. That being said, the Beretta is one of the best rentable pistols in the game and certainly worth the euros.

In AVA SEA , Beretta cost an expensive price of 20,000 Euros in the recent update . Making it the most expensive pistol available for purchase in shop




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Tap as fast as you can


It can mount a suppressor despite not having a threaded barrel.




SnowShovel Beretta Gameplay

SnowShovel Beretta Gameplay