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Reinforced carbon fiber coating gives this upgraded Beretta92FS improved durability and reliability.
  — In-game Description 

The B-92 Red Line is a Secondary released in the ____ Content Update, on the February 11th 2015.


A cosmetic variant of the Beretta92FS where the Slide and the Grip Panel are outlined by a Red Line. It shows a silver and dark gray encrusted color scheme. The pistol was accessible to buy on the Aeria Web Mall. It also could be obtained through many Monthly Tiered Spenders as Permanent Reward.


No known modifications for the M92FS Red Line.

Recommended Builds

The M92FS Red Line cannot be modified.



The M92FS Red Line is just like the Beretta92FS.

Notable Comparisons

  • Beretta92FS:The Beretta92FS has identical statistics as the M92FS Red Line, as the M92FS Red Line is just a reskin.
  • The M92FS Red Line and the Beretta92FS have exactly the same encrusted patterns, only the colors and the grip logo changes.


  • The M92FS Red Line is one of the few weapons that come with a custom suppressor (silver encrusted).



M92FS Red Line Visual and Sound