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An advanced model of the MP7A1. It features an improved frame durability and new exclusive bullets.
  — Weapon description 

The Bahamut Origin is a skinned version of Bahamut (MP7A1) introduced in the october 13th update. It was obtainable via the Unique Soldier Box


Laser Sight

Ava Global Laser Sight
Increases mobile accuracy when firing a laser, but decreases mobility due to weight
-0.7 Mobility


Ava Global Advanced Silencer
Nullifies range penalty when using silencer

Ava Global Burst Barrel
Increases rate of fire but decreases accuracy.
–0.8 accuracy, –0.6 auto fire accuracy, +1.09 auto fire

Ava Global Sharpshooter Barrel
Increases accuracy
+1.4 Accuracy, +1.2 Auto Fire ACC, -1.13 Auto Fire


Ava Global Mechanism Improvement Trigger
Rate of fire increases but accuracy decreases
-0.1 Auto Fire ACC, +1.09 Auto Fire

Ava Global Precision Trigger
Increases initial shot accuracy and ranged accuracy during auto fire
+1.7 Accuracy, +1.4 Auto Fire ACC

Ava Global Light Weight Trigger
Improves spray control using lighter trigger but slows spread recovery +0.4 Accuracy, +1.2 Auto Fire ACC


Ava Global Silicon Grip
Increases initial shot accuracy and ranged accuracy during auto fire
+0.3 Accuracy, +2.3 Auto Fire ACC

Ava Global Ergonomic Grip
Better handling increases accuracy
+1.1 ACcuracy, +0.9 Auto Fire ACC

Recommended Builds



  • The MP7A1 is best used when aimed at the neck line, as this balances the bullets either striking the head, or the body. This allows the player to take advantage of the rate of fire, because normally, the MP7A1 takes up to 3 headshots to kill somebody. Some of the bullets will hit the body, and maybe one or two will hit the head. This makes for a very quick kill if you have good enough aim.
  • Behind enemy lines use silencer. It will lower damage and range but youll became harder to find and hunt down
  • At mid-range always burst
  • NEVER engage enemy at long range.
  • When facing Rifleman at mid-range burst while moving. Crouch is not recommended.

Notable Comparisons

  1. MP7A1 - In comparision with normal MP7A1 Bahamut variant has higher damage (30 instead of 27), higher rate of fire (84 instead of 81 - its like modded MP7A1) and higher stability (46 instead of 44) in trade of lower range (18 instead of 20). Bahamut variant also has a built in Dot (x2 HS)



A.V.A 戰地之王 MP7A1 Bahamut Recoil Test 彈道測試


MP7A1 Bahamut gameplay

MP7A1 Bahamut gameplay