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Battle Gear Beginz
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Operation: Battle Gear Beginz
Date: December 2011
Location: Vorkuta, a Komi Republic city located in Northern Russia
Mission: Co-op
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In Vorkuta, a Komi Republic city located in northern Russia, Dr.Niber, an exiled scientist who was developing the futuristic battle mech called 'BattleGear' at a secret NRF research facility, goes berserk after hearing the news that president Maskov, the NRF leader who she had admired personally, has been overthrown and killed after the collapse of the NRF's last defensive front by the rebellion of anti-Maskov forces.
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Battle Gear Beginz is a new co-op map introduced in the 12-15-11 Content Update


Battle Gear Beginz is essentially the tech-savvy variant of Prison Break (Lockdown). The basic objective of Battle Gear Beginz is for the EU squad to eliminate all the enemies on each floor alive and eventually reach the basement of the compound, where the deadliest threat to the EU lays in wait until it can escape. Unlike Prison Break (Lockdown), however, the enemies are very diverse and can prove to be a challenge to even the most experienced of veterans.

Floor Enemies[]

Common Enemies[]

XBG-003 Zonda: The blue fugitives of Battle Gear. They appear in large masses and are relatively easy to kill until they overwhelm the player.

XBG-005 Raum: The swift fugitives of Battle Gear. A lot faster than the red or blue robots, they often stay cloaked until they strike, they share similar traits with the Lime boss. Unlike the boss, they cannot turn completely invisible and you can only see a nearly transparent silhouette of the Raum. 

XBG-006 Barbas: The axe fugitives of Battle Gear. They are significantly more bulky and powerful than the human counterpart, but the Barbas cannot run. These robots share similar traits with the VSG-006 Barbatos, except you don't have to attack from behind. Headshots are the quickest way to dispose of them. 

XBG013 Pike: A unique enemy only existing in the Battle Gear missions. Only appearing after the mid boss of floors 2, and 4. These enemies do not have an area to be considered a "head", however frail like a Zonda, these will arm and seek out a EU member to explode on impact. The blast is non lethal if only one or two attack you, but can become a nuisance if a swarm of pike robots accompany each other, or other robots. Attack from a distance to prevent blast damage. The Pike can damage anything in range, so use of proper timing to chain several pike bombs can damage surrounding enemies and make the job easier. 


The Midbosses are weaker versions of the Floor Bosses that appear midway through every round. They enter the map by means of shattering a door and create an additional spawn for the remaining common enemies of the round.

XBG-011 Gigas: The first of the midbosses, it features a red color scheme, a large cannon on it's back, and no arms. It's main feature is firing large pikebombs at players. The bomb travels in an arc and explodes on contact with the ground or players. It does not pose a threat, but can be very dangerous if you are not careful. Like the pike bomb, this will finish off weakened players or make the players more easier to kill.

XSG-103s Piker: The second of the mid bosses. It is an enlarged pike bomb and is the predecessor of the Pike. It is colored red and has much more health than the smaller Pike. Its detonation can be lethal if health is low. The Piker will often kill players because players will be more focused on the swarm of Zondas instead.

XSG-009s Vixen: The third of the mid bosses. It is a large, yellow robot with mounted gatling guns for arms. It is the only long range unit aside from the Tempest and poses no threat on its own. The Vixen can be dangerous if fought in Close combat because getting closer will only increase the likely hood of getting shot. Getting rid of the Vixen as fast as possible can save players who are low on health.

Floor Bosses[]

The most powerful of the small bots that appear at the end of every round and are the exclusive enemies of the last round. They each have an enormous amount of Health and have a special adaptation that makes it significantly harder to kill them.

VSG-005 Lime: The Lime is the assassin of the three floor bosses. He features a yellow paint job, sleeker build, and blades for arms. The lime has increased movement speed and is able to catch up to a player who is walking at normal pace. It has a cloaking device that fully removes it from plain sight and only by shooting at it will electric sparks appear, giving out its position. Once in a while, it's silhouette will appear. Upon destruction, the Lime will spawn smaller versions of itself which will be destroyed by even a single point of damage.

VSG-006 Barbatos: The Barbatos is the walking bulldozer of the three floor bosses. It features a red paint job, extremely bulky armor, and hammer like contraptions for arms. The most interesting feature about it is the kinetic shield/force field in front of it. The shield prevents bullets from even touching its front body. The only weak point is the back, which has an exposed circuit board of sorts. The Barbatos will turn around and chase after the one who shoots his back, and can kill the player within two hits.

VSG-008 Tempest: The Tempest is the demolition machine of the three floor bosses. It features a green paint job, bulky armor rivalling the Barbatos, and rocket launchers mounted at the ends of its arms. The Tempest is notorious for firing rockets indiscriminately and is known to be very annoying. The biggest dangers when fighting the tempest is the smaller robots, who will kill you when you are weakened by the splash damage of the rockets. The Tempest will have a hard time hitting nearby enemies and if it is in the range of the explosions, it will take some damage. The most common strategy against the Tempest is going up close and shooting while strafing.

Plasma Gun and the Battle Suit[]

To combat the final boss, the the EU forces will be supplied with a Plasma Gun and advanced armor at the end of the second-to-last round. A door will open up after defeating the final robot of that floor, and an armory littered with equipment will be available for the team to prepare for the upcoming battle.

2011-12-17 00011

The Battle Suit the Player is equipped with


2011-12-16 00004

Betelgeuse as it first appears

Betelgeuse is the final boss for Battle Gear Beginz. Betelgeuse is so powerful that regular weapons and armor are not enough to stop it. The EU soldier must use Plasma Gun and advanced armor to destroy it. Killing Betelgeuse is simple enough; attack the glowing circles when they appear and avoid its attacks based by the on-screen warnings. As the fight progresses, Betelgeuse will begin launching fast-moving UAVs (similar to the ones in Death Valley) that can cause significant damage when stacked up. Health cannot be replenished until the smaller robots come out and drop them, so be extremely cautious when fighting Betelgeuse.


  • Quickswitch the Plasma Gun when it its completely out of ammo for a quicker reload.
  • Stay in the burst option of the Plasma Gun in order to maximize damage against Betelgeuse, except when Betelgeuse attacks from the middle, then use rapid fire for the increase damage to bullets.
  • For a longer game but with fewer casualties, have players face Betelgeuse one at a time. When that player dies, send in the next one, and repeat.


2011-12-16 00006

Betelgeuse as it is being destroyed

Betelgeuse is attacking from the left flank! Watch out!
Betelgeuse is attacking from the right flank! Watch out!
Betelgeuse is attacking from both sides! Watch out!
Betelgeuse is using electricity! Take cover on the platforms!
A small army of robots have come to assist Betelgeuse! Get ready!



  • Have the players with high capacity weapons (eg. PP-19, P90) on your team take out the common enemies while the other players with more powerful weapons (eg. Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns) take out the harder-to-kill enemies

Against the Floor Bosses[]

VSG-005 Lime: The Lime is known to be fast, so one of the easiest tactics is bait and lure. The strategy is simple. The best place to hid is under the stairs that are near Gate 3. Lime cannot reach there if you crouch and move back until you cannot back up any further. Shoot at it until it is destroyed. The only hazard of this strategy is the possibility of getting swarmed by the smaller Limes.

VSG-006 Barbatos: The Barbatos is slow and is damage proof from the front. The only tactic is to bait and lure. Get the pointman to lure and gun down smaller robots while the Riflemen do as much damage as possible before it turns around. Stay away from its range because its two hit combo will decomission you. 

VSG-008 Tempest: The Tempest has about 250 rockets, so evasion over time will reward you with an enemy that will simply follow you rendered defenseless by its loss of means to attack. However, this is a painstakingly long process and should be done when you are the last survivor of your team as a last resort. The other known strategy is to run up to its face and use the knife. 


Easy: 100 kills over several games, or finishing will result in the following: Euro, Supply and Experience points, a chance of getting the Beretta Barbatos, Pike Bomb, or Zonda Bat for 1 day.

Normal: 300 kills over several games, or finishing will result in the following: More Euro, Supply and Exp, a higher chance of getting the Beretta Barbatos, Pike Bomb, or Zonda Bat for longer durations of time and 5k for the first time.

Extreme: 500 kills over several games, or finishing will result in the following: A significant amount of Euro, Supply and Experience points, and a chance of receiving the Beretta Barbatos, Pike Bomb, or Zonda Bat for permanent duration and 20k for the first time.

All of the achievments, (exept for the Normal 5,000 Euro, and Extreme 20,000 Euro-these are one time achievments per account) can be repeatable.

Note: There is a bug that prevents the Events tab from properly keeping track of your Battle Gearz achievments. The achievments still exist, but do not display, so taking a mental note for any significant benifits would be recommended.


  • Battle Gear Beginz is essentially the first time that AVA has officially strayed from the cultural norm of a military FPS, if one does not count Event items
  • It is also the first time that the enemies are not humans.
  • Despite not being humans, the robots will die quicker if shot in the face.



thumb|300px|left|The trailer for Battle Gear:Beginz.