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Battle Gear Blood Is a 4 player Co-op Mission.The main goal of the mission is to surviving the AI's attack for 15 Minutes,or players can eliminate all AI units during the 15 minute time period.There will be more of different types of enemies spawning in over time.

There is an emergency air-strike system that can be used once in the mission,it will clean up all the enemies on the map.It should be used efficiently to keep the players safe in a tough situation.

Reward List []

Eliminating all AI units

AI Count/Difficulty Rewards List
AI:1500/Easy Pike Bomb (7/15/30 days), Dual Barbatos (1/3/7 days), MK.23 Tempest (1/3/7/15 days,Permanent )
AI:1800/Normal Pike Bomb (1/7/15/30 days), Dual Barbatos (1/3/7/15/30 days), MK.23 Tempest (1/3,7/15/30 days,Permanent )

Running Down the clock / 15 Minutes playtime

Difficulty Rewards List
Easy Empirical value (100, 200, 300), Euro (200, 300, 500), Pike Bomb (1/7/15 days) Dual Barbatos (1 day), MK.23 Tempest (1/3//7 days,Permanent )
Normal Empirical value (200, 300, 400), Euro (300, 400, 500), Pike Bomb (1/7/15/30 days) Dual Barbatos (1/3/7/15/30 days), MK.23 Tempest (1/3/7/15 day,Permanent )

The MK.23 Tempest is given to the players in the End Reward Screen, there is no actual indication of the item represents either a Permanent or Timed version.