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Battle Points[]


Battle Points in your stat box

Battle points, also known as "B points", are a form of currency designed for the use of reducing the cost of Euro Capsules.

Players can check the amount of Battle Points are found next to "Aeria Points/Gcoin" amount at the bottom left of the game screen. The icon is a capital "B" which is inside a silver circle.

In order to reduce the cost of a Euro Capsule, you will be required to have at least 50. The price of each individual capsule will be lowered from 3000 euros, to 1000. Thus making the cost easier on your euros.

The MAXIMUM amount of BP a player is allowed to have is 1000 BP.

This currency has been discontinued.

Ways to Obtain[]

They are awarded to players when they have completed their daily challenges and/ or get a Lucky Shot.


  • This currency been discontinued from the game in early 2016.