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Battle Tank (El-Alamein) is a game mode accessible in the Quick Match Channel.

On round start each player can choose between 3 tanks - or more if camo version is gained from Tank Box in capsule shop - and then will spawn inside the chosen one. The goal of this mode is to destroy all enemy tanks. If your tank gets destroyed, you will spawn as a rifleman, having a RPG-7 in a 3rd backup weapon slot. With the RPG-7 you only do minor damage to tanks, but you hit the driver directly. After 4 hits you kill the driver inside the tank, which is now empty and usable for the next player to enter. Each player also has the ability to repair a tank once - to restore a set amount of HP - and then enter the mounted machine gun. The maximum player count is 32, because it is 16 versus 16. Also, there is a maximum total of 5 rounds, either the EU or NRF must have won 3 rounds, there are no ties.

Tank Models[]

Players in the beginning are allowed to select a small variety of Tanks at the start of the round. The "A" and "D" keys is to choice from left or right. While, space bar is used to select the specific chosen Tank model while in-game.

SK105 - 800 HP, 285 Speed (SP), 200/1000 Damage

T90 - 900 HP, 214 Speed (SP), 300/1000 Damage

Leopard 2A6 - 1100 HP, 142 Speed (SP), 400/1000 Damage



Smoke Bomb

Armor upgrade


Stabilize aim points

Earning Tank Coins[]

The amount of Tank Coins are earned depending on how the player's performance in the round.

They are measured upon:

  • Pilot kills
  • Capturing enemy or friendly tanks
  • Destroying enemy tanks
  • Total tank damage
  • Ranking on each round

Rewards from Tank Coins[]

A total of 25 Tank Coins are used per Capsule.

Achievement list[]

  • Tank Killing Spree
  • Your kill has just been stolen
  • You're the hero of the team
  • RPG Marksman
  • A good start
  • The Finisher
  • Battle Tank A Success

Achievement reward:

M67 Panzer

Panzer nade



-NEW MODE- Battle Tank