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SL Holding Bino

The Squad Leader holding the binoculars.

"Follow the commander's orders!"

-EU Soldier commenting on his team's tactics


The binoculars are a miscellaneous item activated by pressing 5 on the keyboard and are granted to the highest ranked player of each team at the beginning of a match, effectively announcing them as Squad Leader. Squad Leaders are given a different series of voice commands as compared to the regular soldier of each team, granting more strategy-based and demanding commands. Squad Leaders also receive the team Binoculars, which are effectively a manual UAV should the Squad Commander utilize it. The binoculars tag targets that are scoped out while in use and place a marker on them available to every teammates' UAV and mini-map. Tagged targets that are killed by the teammates grant the Squad Leader a leader point, which is equivalent to collecting 3 Dog Tags, killing an enemy, damaging the tank, etc. Utilizing the binoculars also renders the Squad Leader completely defenseless, however, and has been the main reason many players do not use the binoculars. The binoculars can be dropped with the G key and picked up by any member of the same team, and thus granting the Squad Leader position to the new owner of the binoculars. The binoculars are given to the highest ranking player on that team by default. The text and commands given from Squad Leaders appear in yellow.

Using the Binoculars[]

  • Take out the binoculars by hitting the "5" key on the keyboard or by using the middle mouse wheel to scroll to it.
  • Right click to zoom. Pointmen will appear as an upside down triangle, riflemen will appear as a square, and snipers will appear as a diamond. Friendly units will appear green and enemy units will appear red.
  • Left click to select your target. If you do succeed in UAVing your target, everyone on your team will be able to see where the enemy is going.
  • No matter whether the Squad Leader succeeds in UAVing the enemy or not, the default "Scout the operation area!" command will be given.
  • After using the binoculars, the user's position will be revealed to the enemy. 
  • The Binos are best used in combination with smoke grenades. Put up smoke and UAV the enemy through it. 
  • Once you used the binoculars with left click (no matter if you sucessfully UAVed someone or not), there is a cooldown of about 15 seconds before you can UAV someone again. That is longer than the time most smoke grenades stay active, so if ur UAVing through smoke, u can only send UAV once.