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Black Hawk
Black Hawk
Operation: Black Hawk
Date: January 27th, 2011
Location: Iraq
Mission: Escort
Map Overview
No Map Overview

Released in the 9/24/12 content update.

" A secret nuclear facility has been discovered in an NRF-friendly area inside the Iraq border called Deir ez-Zor.The Israeli Air Force endeavored to strike the facility but was destroyed by anti-air defense line, so as to clear the way for a successful air strike.


A good map with extreme details. There are many flanking routes which can put advantages or disadvantages. For the EU the tank must get far enough to destroy the roadblocks in order to proceed, in which the tank does by itself. The tank also shoots down some walls and a radio system. The tank shooting down the walls provides more places to watch out for. One of newly added feature of tank is that it now also serve as a mobile healing station for the EU, even when it is destroyed. Like Scorpion, at the beginning of a game a helicopter flies by,but this time it gets shot down and crashes into a building, making the gameplay more "realistic".

Game Mechanics[]

EU- Must escort the tank to objective point which is near the NRF spawn. EU personnel must defend the tank and let it proceed.

NRF- In the spawns, there are weapon boxes containing RPG-7s. THese are your weapon of choice for tanking out the tank. Defend the objective point until time runs out.


  • 4 team mates of EU stay near the tank while 4 others rush and flank the NRF.When injured go near the tank to heal.

Escort Maps[]


  • Staying near the tank, it gives heals you which is a big advantage to EU troops.