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Black Scent
Black Scent
Operation: Black Scent
Date: September 1st, 2022
Location: A private research and chemical plant, the outskirts of Cottbus, Germany
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
Black Scent Overview

EU investigated the CL-20 warehouse where was destructed by SHOWDOWN operation after the recover of Bremerhaven. In result, they found out that the large scale of manufacturing facilities of CL-20 may still left in the NRF-occupied area. Meanwhile, the EU secret service who captured a private research in the outskirts of Cottbus, the small manufacturing town located on the border of Germany and Poland, checked the information about mass production of CL-20 that reported by their special infiltration force. However, the special force was wiped out by NRF.

The chief executives of EU who grasped that it was a state of emergency, decided to destroy the private research and map out a plan of Black Scent operations: the special force sneaks into and blasts the manufacturing facilities of CL-20. If it goes wrong, the ground attak aircraft that was standed by for the desctruction of antiaircraft guns, will blast the manufacturing facilities after the special force blasts the guns, supporting them to escape.

Last September, 2008. At last, this operations starts...
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Black Scent is one of the most popular Demolition maps in AVA. Creating a blend of CQB, mid-range, and long range combat is the features that appeal to every class and every player in AVA. There are essentially three main paths to reach each end of the map: the eastern path through the labratory (towards Bomb Site 2), the western path through the warehouse (towards Bomb Site 1), and the center path that travels through the center building and leads towards the NRF spawn. Extreme caution should be excercised while near any of the main points on each path, due to players setting up a defense to win the match. There are two versions of this map; with snow and without snow.




AVA Map Video Black Scent


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BLACK SCENT NRF Side Rifleman nade spots