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Blazing Fort
Blazing Fort
Operation: Blazing Fort
Date: Mid-April, 2009
Location: A railroad depot in Daugavpils, the manufacturing city in Eastern Latvia
Mission: Domination
Map Overview
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At the end of the war, the Latvian government was feeling very uneasy. They had cooperated with the NRF but the outcome did not look very positive so they approached the EU offering their support. The Latvian government decided to fund a large-scale EMP weapon project proposed by Dr. Karel Nasonovich Tynyinov and started to test the weapon in a railway station in Daugavpils, an industrial city near the NRF border. Their aim was to attack NRF military facilities.

After receiving such a report from the Latvian government, the EU forces realized that EU troops stationed in Estonia were within the attack range of the EMP weapon and if the NRF got control of the weapon, it could be a devastating situation for the EU. In order to eliminate such a threat, the EU decided to forcefully obtain the EMP weapon by sending unit 605, a unit specialized for urban combat. The NRF have also received intel on the EMP weapon, and are planning an assault on the facility of their own with their own special Urban Warfare unit.

The Latvian forces have retreated leaving the EMP behind, but Dr. Karel managed to initiate the launch of the weapon before evacuating. The EU and NRF now know that the missile cannot be stopped. Their only hope is to grab the control unit first and change the direction of the missile to minimize their casualties.
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This is the only map that falls under the Domination mode. This is similar to capture the flag, where teams must capture the central point in the map and hold this for a certain amount of time. The losing team however will have the chance to call in Airstrike at a certain point, which spawns a helicopter with AIs to shoot down the enemy team.