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Operation: BLIND EAGLE
Date: December, 2010
Location: Cerattepe gold mine in Artvin, Turkey
Mission: Cross Steal
Map Overview
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Kurdish separatist rebels, who have been demanding independence from Turkey and Iraq, have planted several 'Salah ad-Din' warheads -- designed after old Russian nuclear missiles -- in the Cerattepe gold mine in northern Turkey. Both the EU and NRF send task forces in order to gain local superiority in the Middle East, and to prevent Turkey and Iraq from abandoning their respective sides. The forces of the EU and the NRF spawn at each end of the map. The mission objective is the nuclear launch key, which spawns at each base. Each team needs to secure both keys to launch their nuclear warheads. Players must intercept and carry the enemy's launch key back to their base. If the enemy player gets hold of your team's key, you must kill the player and survive for a few seconds until the key re-spawns at the base. Players can drop the key on the ground so that another team-mate can pick it up. Press the G key to drop the key. Be careful though, because the key will disappear within a few seconds if left alone. Once it disappears, it will re-spawn at its original base.
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Blind Eagle is a Cross Steal exclusive map with two main roofs, three alleyways, and a large tower in the middle of the map. The launch keys are located in front of each team's spawn. The roofs can only be accessed by spawning and each team has their own set of roofs. The roofs are commonly claimed by snipers are have a wide view of their alley and the center alley. point men and rifle men commonly travel in the allies in order reach the launch key and cover their allies. Dropping to ground level is not recommend until one reaches the enemies' launch key or is able to flank oncoming enemies from behind.


  • Playing on the the roofs can be advantageous to snipers as it allows for a wider field of view. Snipers are very important for defense and are a key asset to guarding the launch key.

Point Men[]

  • Focus should be primarily on attack, and only on defense when necessary.
  • Very useful when rushing in to steal the launch key from the enemy's base.

Appropriate weapons for point men:

  • Shotguns
  • Sub-machine guns

Main points of focus:

  • Constantly running is very important.
  • Stealing the enemy's launch key without arousing prior suspicion.
  • Guarding the carrier of the enemy's launch key.
  • Be the first place to the enemy base before the enemy carrying your launch key has arrived – take short-cuts wherever possible.
  • Should be prioritizing their fire-power on the enemy carrying your launch key.

Rifle Men[]

  • Focus should be primary on defense, and only on attack when appropriate.
  • Rifle men are great at defending your launch key from the enemy.

Appropriate weapons for rifle men:

  • High damage/penetration
  • Decent ammunition capacity (at least 25-30)
  • Decent mobility

Main points of focus:

  • Guarding the carrier of the enemy's launch key.
  • Keeping your side of the map free from enemy soldiers.
  • Guarding allied launch key.


  • Great shooter on the building
  • Great in attack and defense launch key
  • Sniper not recommended on the ground

Appropriate weapons for snipers:

  • Quick shot bolt-action
  • Decent ammo capacity
  • Semi-automatic snipers with decent mobility

Main points of focus:

  • Kill all enemy on the enemy building
  • Kill the carrier of the allied's launch key from above
  • Kill the trapped enemy from above before his/her attack our carrier enemy's launch key.
  • Do not fall from the buildings