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The Clan Knife is a special knife only available to clan members of Platoon rank or higher. The Clan Knife has extra added damage compared to the Field Knife.
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This is a glitch melee weapon from Clan Championship. It was obtainable from 2014 October's Clan Championship.

This weapon is basically a long ranged Field Knife.

Upon seeing a player in First person, it will appear as a Field Knife. However if the player using this is appeared in third person, it will appear like the axe that the Fugitives use with two hands.

Along with hitting attacking with this weapon, it will make the player wielding it grunt like the axe wielding Fugitive.



  • Due to it being a glitched melee weapon, it shares the same weapon description as the Harpoon Knife, but the text is wavy.


Player Bloody Axe

A player wielding the Bloody Axe.