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Paint explains you the blooming phenomenon


Calico features high basic bloom

The bloom (or blooming) of a weapon is a Hidden Statistics which determine how wide open the crossairs can get when shooting, moving and jumping. It is completly independant of the Recoil, which affect the how the weapon goes "up" while the player shots. A weapon with high recoil will usually have high blooming, but high blooming doesn't mean high recoil. Also, bloom can't be control if the player is spraying with his gun, compared to the recoil, which can be mastered at some point. If a weapon have little to no bloom, it can be considered as an excellent choice for a point man's best friend.


If you're wondering how much bloom a weapon produces when it shoots BEFORE buying it or using it, think about these simple rules.

  • For primary weapon, the shortest will usually have less bloom then their longer counterpart. Therefore, The SVD (1,225 mm (48.2 in)) will have more bloom then the WA-2000 (905 mm (35.6 in)).
  • The heavier the weapon, the more bloom it's going to produce. 
  • Bigger caliber also means heavier blooming. Therefore, AK's (using 7.62×39mm M43/M67) tend to bloom more then AR's (M4, M16, AR-15, anything using 5.56×45mm NATO)
  • Bullpup design effectivly reduces the bloom of any weapon. Indeed, when comparing the classical M4 to the FN-F2000 (which uses the same type of ammo, and are nearly the same overall lenght), we notice that the F2000 is way easier to control while "spaying-and-praying".
  • Very short barrel usually mean higher basic bloom. It is even more true when the weapon uses large bullets (Like the Colt SAA)

Impact on Your Gameplay[]

Blooming is something you always need in mind if you aim for the win. Here's what you should remember.

  • If you weapon boast high blooming (Like the Long, heavy, big caliber non bulp-up M14EBR), you should use more caution. To master that bloom, you need to fire in short burst (in that particular case, in semi-auto) when you engage enemy from medium to long range shot. Only use full-auto when in very close range. Otherwise the weapon quickly become incontrollable, regardless of your skills or experience.
  • If your weapon has small blooming (Like the short, light, small caliber bullpup P90), you can go ahead and spray. Although the weapon will eventually start to bloom, it is very likely that you got took out your enemy before the bloom becomes problematic.

Impact on classes[]

  • Point man sub-machine guns usally have low blooming because of their small-caliber ammo. This is perfect, since point man's main purpose is to flank the enemy, he needs to be able to dispatch a high number of enemy in quick succession. This causes the player to "spray" a lot to take all the target down, so a small bloom (and small recoil) is very important. Shotguns usually feature high "base" bloom. (Basic Bloom: Refers to how much wide open are the weapon's crossair before even shooting or moving. This is not really a "hidden stat", since a weapon with high accuracy will usually feature really tight cross-air.) This is, of course, because of the ammo shotgun uses. They usually bloom even more open when shooting quickly, so be careful about it.
  • Rifle Man is a highly polyvalent class. Therefore, depending on your loadout, you shall care a lot, or not really about the bloom. For exemple, if you plan on doing long distance shooting and having a good pistol for close combat, you can go for a M14EBR, which boast super-high blooming when spraying, but tight accuracy when sniping. In case of the F2000, which boast low bloom, it is good for medium-range battle (not for CQC, since it boast a somewhat low DPS)
  • A sniper can basicly ignore his first weapon blooming, and this is even more true if he chooses a bolt-action sniper. When the player has to pull back the bolt, the weapon has enough time to "cool down" it's blooming, allowing for a perfect shot right after the first one (consedering player is standing still). For a semi-auto sniper, the stat can matter a little more, but since a sniper always shots right in the middle of the scope, and since it requires scoping to actually take a shot that's not going to be a complete waste, it can be ignored. There is a very few fully-automatic sniper in the game. The VSS is the only "basic" model that exists, and it produces little to no bloom because of its subsonic bullets ("slow-speed").