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A close combat weapon hastily put together in the field using destroyed BG [Battle Gear] parts. Its erratic shape and movement may surprise the enemy.
  — Weapon Description 


The Blue Zonda Bat is a melee weapon obtainable through the completion of Battle Gear Beginz. It is part of the Battle Gear Series Weapons, and is pretty common among the battlefield. The Blue Zonda Bat consists of a dead Zonda robot's torso and attached head.


  • G.Bat GC Paris (Mega Capsule Promotion; limited edition, orange skinned variant of the Blue Zonda Bat)


  • Aim for the head, like nearly all melee weapons do. The Blue Zonda Bat cannot OHK, unless using the fatal slash/backslash (right mouse click). However, due to its 40 damage, enemies can tank even the fatal slash. Thus, the combination of a fatal slash along with a headshot is the best way of OHKing the enemy.

Notable Comparisons[]


  • It has a animation that will move it's head to have a glance at the player with a unique sound.
  • New players can obtain this weapon permanent for free from Level Up rewards.