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Burning Temple
Burning Temple
Operation: Burning Temple
Date: Mid February, 2009
Location: Udine, Italy
Mission: Escort
Map Overview
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While EU’s furious advance towards Eastern Europe was halted when Italy joined EU, an ex-neutral force, NRF prepared for their final counterstrike. In mid-February 2009, as NRF forces in the Ukraine started to advance, EU forces in Eastern Europe rapidly set up their defenses and engaged in fearsome battles, but it was just a decoy, and the NRF main force was already in southern Hungary advancing towards the Czech Republic. This main force was the true hero of the grand scheme, surrounding and destroying EU forces in Eastern Europe once and for all. When the operation started, the encircling NRF forces stayed on their advancing course and sent their special forces to southern Slovenia to capture Udine City in northern Italy in order to gain control of the air. There, there was an underground control station for an air defense radar system which could intercept every plane or other object flying over the Alps. EU forces in the south grasped the importance of the control station and immediately started a recapturing operation. They first sent special airborne unit 623 to northern Italy by air, and with the aid of Switzerland's Leopard 2A6 tanks. the NRF in Udine City went into a panic and instead of defending the control station, set up a time bomb in the facility. However, special airborne unit 623 already had received intelligence from an NRF prisoner, and had set their top priority on Udine City Hall where the underground control facility was located, and advanced in full force. On the other hand, the NRF in Udine City set up their line of defense around the church to fiercely fight off their enemies...
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Burning Temple nade spots



First Section


  • Escort the tank alike usual making sure the corridors beside your spawn point are clear.
  • Near the corner you need to change focus to storming their base and keeping the bottom floor of the building in front of youyr spawn clear.
  • Most of the RPGs will come out of a small window so smoke and grenades through there is highly reommended


  • In the first minute or so capturing or blocking the corridors allows easy RPG acces to the tank
  • Keeping the bottom floor to the adajecent building is essentail as you easily flank the enemy when the tank is close to the checkpoint
  • Try and keep someone on RPG at the bottom floor of spawn point to lessen damage on grenades at the window
  • Highly recommended is also a sniper near the cemetary. YOu can significantly reduce the space the enemy has to repair in

Second Section


  • Escorting up the hill is simple enough if you can block the enemy coming in via the petrol tanker
  • Grenades and smoke through the RPG hol signifcantly improves speed up the hill
  • Point men can do well by flanking NRF over the bridge and down near the second RPG depot


  • Intially you need to control the petrol tanker to cover RPG men when tank up the hill
  • When the tank comes near the corner abandon the first RPG depot as it is too exposed and use the one further back
  • You really want to prevent the EU controlling the ladder up the bridge and area beside it, which makes repairing the tank easier for them


a Good place to hide is on a ledge in the bulding with sandbags. Another good place is a wire branching to that biulding mentioned before its good... for a while. reason being: once they see you they will run up the ladder of the broken buliding. if the infection fall they will have to run around and come back up reload during this point as once you are out of shots only the pistol or the knife [dont bother with the knife point because you'll probably be infected] if you are a a Pointman run like crap away from the area.