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The legendary revolver from the Wild West. This pistol can rapidly fire high-powered rounds, but it is difficult to handle due to its old design. SAA in an abbriaviation of "Singe Action Army."
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The CALT SAA is a "pistol" first introduced during the November 2021 CBT Playtest.


The Colt SAA (Single Action Army), is a revolver also known as "The Peacemaker", and is commonly associated with the American "Old West".

This gun is unique as it has a completely different set of animations for all interactions with the gun ( due to its simpler, older design). Since it uses a chamber mechanism, each bullet must be reloaded (and un-loaded) individually, giving it a unique (but extremely long) reload animation. Since the hammer must be cocked manually between every shot, the player uses the left hand to pull it back, giving it both a unique animation when shooting, as well as a unique idle stance.

Preformance wise, it sports a high fire rate, high stability, good damage, tolerable accuracy, and predictable vertical recoil. In fact, the only true weakness this weapon is its extremely long reload animation, which balances out this otherwise overpowered weapon.

It is often a headshot in one bullet at any range (depending on enemy armor), and can kill between 2-4 bullets to the torso, depending on range.

It is a highly recommended candidate for those who want to "Main" a pistol. Do note that while it fares very well in competitive game modes (demolition, TDM, etc.), it is not as effective for other gametypes (escort, AI missions, etc.) since the reload animation and short clip hinder its ability in prolonged firefights.

Although the weapon shells are loaded individually, it is impossible to shoot while the animation is going on.

It is a excellent back-up for when the main weapon runs out of ammo, thanks to it's lighting fast draw time (0.6s)



  • Double this secondary with "Pistol Ammo +" if you plan on using it as a primary, since it only comes with 6 rounds.
  • Since it only has 6 rounds (in a PVP mode) and it boasts high overall performance, it is a excellent weapon for experienced players who engage many target at once, although novice will love it when they face only one enemy, with plenty of time to reload afterward.
  • Useful for the Sniper Class, due to it's fast draw speed, firerate and overall reliability


  • It is the weapon of choice for "Revolver Ocelot" (or simply, Ocelot), of the popular videogame series "Metal Gear Solid".
  • The Colt SAA is currently the only one-handed weapon in-game that has the elbow of the player supoorting the pistol to better manage its recoil. The technique of using the off hand to support the elbow is actually used for 'fanning'. Fanning is a technique used to increase the fire rate of a Single Action Revolver. Fanning is executed by holding down the trigger and pulling back the hammer just enough so that it will strike the bullet when it is let go. 
  • The Colt SAA has a quick draw speed, roughly 0.6 seconds long. This perk is proven to be very useful to snipers.
  • The Colt SAA is the oldest weapon in the game.
  • When playing any game mode that deviates from standard player vs. player(IE. Infection and Co-op, excluding Ai-demo), equiping any magazine upgrade gives the Colt SAA more than 6 shots, given the reload of 6 shells, it technically breaks the laws of physics,the same can be applied to eny of the other ingame revolvers.
  • The ingame SAA is the "Cavalry" model (distinguishable by the 7.5" barrel), it has been fitted with ivory grips,along with custom engraving along the barrel, frame and cylinder.
  • It is legendarily known as "The Gun That Won The West."


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