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Named in the honour of the designer himself
  — Weapon Description 

The Cannon Jager Meissner is an automatic assault rifle used by rifle men, and was available in the Capsule shop.


The Cannon Jager Meissner is a very popular standard weapon which is well-known for its trademark style of gameplay. To account for the large amount of skill required to use it; extremely high damage, range, fire rate and armor penetration are all present. Where the focus of this weapon has been heavily set on a large damage output, an expected deficiency in stability and prolonged accuracy is present, which can become more noticeable when faced against multiple targets or at long range.

While recoil at longer ranges can be problematic - the high range means that the Cannon Jager Meissner will maintain damage output over a significant distance, making it easier to secure kills in fewer shots, and subsequently still makes it suited for demolition and other larger, more open maps. Unlike most rifle man weapons that are designed for longer range, engaging with targets at close-range does not give too much of a disadvantage due to the high fire rate and consequential damage output.

The Cannon Jager Meissner has exceptional armor penetration. Even at up to 40 meters, the damage done with a single shot to the head can bring your target down to critical health. Shots landed on any other part of the body rip armor away at a fast and consistent rate. The largest problem is maintaining this weapon's usability in extended fire – fully automatic fire is not viable unless you are at point-blank range; tapping is the most effective method of securing kills, even at mid-range.

Despite having a remarkable damage output, the usability of the Cannon Jager Meissner does not allow it to endure past other conventional weapons, meaning that you will find yourself shift-walking and crouching much more often than you would with other popular rifle man weapons such as the M4A1 and AK-47. This makes strafing less feasible and potentially makes you a bigger target. This can be offset by tapping fast and landing as many successive shots as possible in the shortest time.



FAL Cannon ACOG(x4)
High-powered dot sight.


FAL Cannon Heavy Barrel
Increases range and accuracy by using a heavier barrel, but decreases stability and auto fire abilities. (Details can be seen on the spec sheet)
+3.3 range, +1.8 accuracy, +0.5 auto fire accuracy, –0.7 recoil control

FAL Cannon Long Range Barrel
Suited for long range fire. Increases long range damage.
+5.9 range

FAL Cannon Reinforced Barrel
Modified the rifle to make it more powerful, but decreases auto fire abilities.
+4.0 attack, -0.74 auto fire

FAL Cannon Spetsnaz Edition
Increases accruacy and spray control using special forces mod parts but significantly increases weapon weight.
+0.4 accuracy, +28.8 auto fire accuracy, +1.4 recoil control


FAL Cannon Precision Trigger
Increases initial shot accuracy and ranged accuracy during auto fire.
+2.2 accuracy, +0.7 auto fire accuracy


FAL Cannon Ergonomic Grip
Better handling increases accuracy.
+1.5 accuracy, +0.5 auto fire accuracy


FAL Cannon Recoil Control Stock
Decreases a gun's recoil. (Recoil suppression can be checked on the spec sheet)
+0.1 recoil control

FAL Cannon Shock absorber
Increases initial shot accuracy and ranged accuracy during auto fire.
+3.2 accuracy, +1.2 auto fire accuracy