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Castle Rock
Castle Rock
Operation: Castle Rock
Date: Mid February, 2008
Location: Fontainebleau Forest in the suburbs of Paris, France
Mission: Annihilation
Map Overview
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NRF stations a panzer division and large-scale military forces on a line linking Rouen and Orleans, the cities of the southwestern Paris Basin, and wait to march north to the EU in case they detected signs of their own breakdown throughout France's front line owing to EU's counterattack that started in January, 2008. Checking the advance of EU to Paris was why NRF started the operation. They also wanted to boost the morale of their soldiers. In mid February, 2008, the eastern EU, who had slackened the reins a bit, launched a big attack on Rouen and ordered 2 airborne regiments to drop into the vicinity of Fontainebleau at one time to build a defensive position, and watch for unguarded positions along the NRF front, who were waiting for them. Airborne troops who raided NRF's defense platforms nearby the woods, started a hot battle against NRF's reinforcements.
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Alliance of Valiant Arms - Castle Rock Nade Spots - by EpicGaming



  • This map's name is / or may be a reference to Lord of the Flies where in the book; a place is named Castle Rock.