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Full usage guidelines and documentation of the {{New}} tag can be found here.

Please do not add this category to articles manually. If you want to add an article to this category, type {{New}} at the top of the page, and the banner shown below will appear, automatically adding the article here.

Promotion new  This article is brand new! As such, some important information is currently missing.

New articles are articles (typically those documenting a particular weapon) that have been created very recently. As such, articles denoted under this category may suffer from lack of important information, including:

  • weapon statistics
  • available modifications
  • basic overview
  • weapon image

If you find an underdeveloped article that lacks in one or more of these features, you may wish to utilise the {{New}} tag to add it to this category. If the article could just use improvement, you may prefer to use the {{Stub}} tag.

Articles listed under this category tend to require a very large amount of work done to make them considered complete. As such, you are encouraged to add any data/knowledge you have about any of these articles to them.

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