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Chat (or Text Chat) in game and in any game lobby respective waiting room, is the most effecient way to communicate between players while not being in the same room. The Text Chat displays not only messages sent by the players but also the game itself. Using the chat while doing certain shortcuts and commands let the players communicate easier.

There are a number of different ways to use the chat and it depends all where you are currently in the game.

Room Chat[]

Game Lobby, Clan Lobby, Capsule Shop, Waiting Room, Quick Match Lobby, Quick Match Party[]

The chats displayed in any lobby are: All Chat (F9), Clan Chat (F11), Party Chat*,

*Party Chat is only accessible while in a Quick Match Party's waiting room.

  1. All Chat - Starting with All Chat, the most commonly used chat. This chat is the standard chat ready for you when you press the chat key 'ENTER' (if not changed by selecting another chat first) or use the hotkey 'F9. This chat is used in the either the Lobby or current room you visit as well as in game. However, it works a bit different in game as shown below at the Game Chat.
  2. Clan Chat - Using the clan chat let's you communicate with all clan members no matter where they are whether it's on EU or NA server, in game or different lobby. There are many more commands within the clan chat as shown on the Clan Commands.
  3. Party Chat -
  4. Team Chat (in game) - Similar to the All Chat, the Team Chat is automatically set for you when you press 'ENTER' (if you haven't select another chat after logging in) or use the hotkey 'F9' (using the hotkey 'F9' will automatically change from any other chat to Team Chat)

Game Chat[]

In game chat[]

While in game there's several ways to interact except by playing. There is the Text Chat, Voice Chat and the Quick Chat.

All Chat (in game) -

Chat Shortcuts[]

in game[]

Chat Shortcuts[]

Clan Commands[]

Type '/clan help' for Clan Command Help.

Enter following commands after clan command [/clan]

[list, l] [on, off]- clan member list

Shows a list of who's online and offline. Typing the 'on, off' command after 'list, l' is optional to see specific list of names only.

[invite] *nickname* - clan invite (need right*)

[notice, n] *message* - clan notice (need right*)

[motd] *message* - clan message of the day (need right*)

[kick] *nickname* - kick out clan member (need right*)

* need right - Authority for certain commands is only given to Staff members or above.