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Cold Case
Cold Case
Operation: Cold Case
Date: August 25th, 2022
Location: Alderney, Channel Islands, southern part of the North Sea
Mission: Annihilation
Map Overview
Cold case Map overview

Ruvins Mihailovic, the NRF president Vladimir Maskov's right hand man as well as the head of the secret service, requested asylum to the EU in secret.

Ruvins' request was accepted by the EU government. He is to go to Alderney, an island under the NRF control located in the open waters near French coastal waters, and is to be boarded on an EU submarine that is awaiting him. According to the plan, the EU was to dispatch a submarine and a unit of soldiers to support the asylum. However, Mihailovic's plan was exposed by the military intelligence of the NRF, and he was arrested and imprisoned right before the operation.

So the EU force already arrived at the cold house in the Alderny island, changes plan to take over the island by force as the island was strategically important. However, at the same moment, the NRF force arrived at the scene to stop the EU from taking Mihailovic away, and an intensive fight began...
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Cold Case is a highly popular map due to its fast-paced action and gameplay. The map is a small meat locker facilty used to store large packages of perishable goods. Thanks to the boxes, basic cover is plentiful and can be utiilzed by the Pointman to quickly scale one side of the map to the other. There are are long lines of sight, however, that can can be utilized by the Pointman and Sniper to pick off weak and oncoming enemies. Spawntrapping is relatively easy due to Cold Case's small size, and even the smallest of teams can keep it so long as they are balanced. Grenade spam is common and one should be wary in attemping to cross Cold Case.

Cold Case got a complete make over in the 9/24/12 update. There is now no ceiling leading to players freely throwing grenades without the worry of hitting something. The landscape shows oil tanks behind the EU spawn and a building with the logo of a Trainee rank duck with the word "DUCK" underneath it, along with a mountain behind the NRF spawn. The ground is covered with snow leading to your footsteps to have the snow sound.




Alliance of Valiant Arms - Cold Case Nade Spots - by EpicGaming