Img controls

Mouse Edit

Screen adjustment Move the mouse
Fire Left mouse button
Manipulating secondary weapons (scopes, standard mode) Right mouse button
Select weapon Mouse wheel

Character Manipulation Edit

Forward W
Reverse S
Go to the left A
Go to the right D
Jump Space bar
Crouching CTRL
Walking SHIFT
Sprint Double tap "W"
Crouch Sprint Double Tap "W" + hold CTRL

Handling Equipment Edit

Select main weapon 1
Select secondary weapon 2
Select melee weapons 3
Select grenade 4
Select mission item 5
Reload R
Changed to the previous weapon Q
Use Night Vision N
Front-mounting equipment (flash) F
Equip with suppressor V
Change weapon G
Special Action E

Change Class Edit



Rifleman F2
Sniper F3

Quick Chat Edit

Personal Tactics Z
Basic Chat X
Chat Command C
Select a chat message 0-9

Watch Mode Edit

Screen Rotation Move the mouse
Change player (When dead) Left mouse button

Other Edit

Leave Game ESC
View Scoreboard TAB
Screen Capture Print Screen