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Operation: CONVEYOR
Date: March, 2011
Location: Cerattepe gold mine in Artvin, Turkey
Mission: Cross Steal
Map Overview
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Kurdish separatist rebels, who have been demanding independence from Turkey and Iraq, have placed several 'Salah ad-Din' warheads, which are designed after old Russian nuclear missiles, in the Cerattepe gold mine in northern Turkey. EU and the NRF both send a task force in order to gain local superiority in the Middle East, and to break away from their respective camps in Turkey and Iraq. The forces of EU and the NRF spawn at each end of the map. The mission objective is the nuclear launch key which spawns at each base. Each team needs to secure both keys to launch their nuclear warheads. Players must intercept and carry the enemy's launch key back to their base. If the enemy player gets hold of your team's key, you must kill the player and survive for a few seconds until the key respawns at the base. Players can drop the key on the ground so that another teammate can pick it up. Press the G key to drop the key. Be careful though, because the key will disappear within a few seconds if left alone. Once it disappears, it will respawn at its original base.
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