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En Masse Entertainment website provides no requirements.


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EME Clan page

Creating a clan in A.V.A. is in fact. A simple task. You first sign in at EME website. Under the Clan info, click on Learn More to open the clan page. To create a clan, click the "Create Clan" where you'll be prompted to answer a few simple questions. Upon finishing the questions you will be notified that the clan will be accepted and officially created in a period of 24 hours(a full day).

EME Clan create
  1. Sign in to the EME website
  2. Go to the Clan Page
  3. Under Your Clan Profile you can see your own stats
  4. Top ranking clans are listed below
  5. There is a search bar for clans
  6. To start a clan, press 'Start a new Clan'. Fill in the form and wait 24 hours
  7. Log-in, and reap the benefits of being leader