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2011-12-02 00002

The EU Nuke Key

Cross Steal is the Capture the Flag mode of Alliance of Valiant Arms.

The basic objective is simple: the player must steal the enemy's Nuke Key while defending their own. The player cannot capture the enemy's Nuke Key if their team's key is not at the base. Whoever has the most Nuke Key captures by the end of the match or has reached the Nuke Key capture limit is the winner. If the teams are tied at the end of the match, it will go into overtime and whoever captures a Nuke Key first wins.

Game Mechanics[]

  • Picking up the enemy Nuke Key automatically restores the player's health and armor to their fullest. It also awards the player with an Offense Point
  • Picking up the Nuke Key also automatically places the player on radar and creates on-screen announcement informing both teams of the Nuke Key's current whereabouts.
  • Killing the enemy Nuke Key carrier automatically returns the Nuke Key to the player's spawn. Killing the Nuke Key carrier awards the player with a Defense point.The Nuke Key will not be available for capture until 5 seconds after.
  • The Nuke Key can be taken out by pressing 5 and thrown away by pressing G. Dropping the Nuke Key leads to a 5 second countdown in which the the Nuke Key will be lost if not picked up by the team.
  1. Dropping the Nuke Key takes the player off the enemy's UAV
  2. An enemy team player can also recover the Nuke Key and place it back at the spawn for their team.
  3. Picking up a teammate's dropped Nuke Key does not restore health and armor.

Cross Steal Maps[]