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With currency, players buy weapons before you reach the class requirements and you can buy Capsules.

Euros is the most common form of currency used to repair and purchase firearms from the store.

Former Currency[]

  • Blue Tickets - Used for Blue Ticket guns, Blue Ticket Capsules.
  • Coupons
  • Battle Points - Used to reduce the price of a purchase of any Euro Capsule.
  • Tank Coins - Used to buy Battle Tank items for the Battle Tank Capsule.
  • Gcoin - Used to buy exclusive/limited time items/weapons.
  • AP (Aeria Points) - Used to buy exclusive/limited time items/weapons.


  • Sports Points - Only available when "AVA Sports" game mode becomes available.


  • Euros - Primary currency used to purchase guns/items/perks on Euro based capsules, In-game store, repairing firearms/armor
  • Red Tickets - Used for Red Ticket guns, Red Ticket Capsules
  • Capsule Voucher
  • EMP (EnMasse Points) - Used to buy exclusive/limited time items/weapons.

Ways to Obtain[]

  • Do in-game events from Operatives (OP)/Game Sages (GS) and/or Game Masters (GM)
  • Doing or participate in forum events
  • Doing or participating in tournaments
  • Wait an hour for two thousand for in-game Euros
  • Rank up rewards
  • Purchasing Euro Capsules


  • Euros are based off their real life counterpart.