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A special model developed during World War II for the German Airborne Units in order to be used as a squad automatic weapon and a rifle at the same time. Its high power is well known as it uses a 57 cartridge, which was used on the Kar-98k.
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The DT-42 Coral is an skinned variant of the DT-42. It is obtainable via the Unique Soldier Box.


The FG42 has very high damage due to the type of round it uses, but as a result, its stability suffers. It is strange to note that it is one of the most accurate weapons in the game. This along with its rather slow rate of fire should help a player land most of their shots. It is considered by many the best assault rifle in the game, due to its very high damage and almost non-existant recoil when crouched ou when tapping, it also has very good headshot abilities due to its high range, making it a one shot to kill to the head up to 20 meters. Many players seem to dislike the horizontal magazine and often overlook it by that reason.

It is normally compared to the SA58 Para, but the weapon it resembles the most is the M14EBR, with its 20 round magazine and slower rate of fire, and really good accuracy. Even a player with the most basic game skills with an FG42 should be considered a threat due to the weapon's easy-to-use nature.



Recommended Builds




Although the stats show that the FG42 has high recoil, it feels like the recoil is comparable to that of an SG556 or an XM8. So, it is recommended to fire in short bursts of 3-4 at close to medium ranges. You may moveshot, but the recoil spreads quickly. It is best tapped, firing 5-10 shots in quick succession with 1 round for every click of the mouse. That way the recoil is negligible, and the gun is superbly easy to control. That said, tapping is only good for stationary or slow moving targets. If the need arises, burst.

Notable Comparisons

SA58 Para

The FG42 has lower damage (44 to 48), higher range (53 to 48), much higher accuracy (80 to 60), much higher stability (37 to 25), much lower mobility (60 to 43) and much lower rate of fire (42 to 65).


  • The FG-42 was produced during WW2 in limited numbers for the German Fallschrimjäger(Paratroopers)hence its name,FallschrimjägerGewehr-42(ParatrooperRifle-42).
  • The model shown ingame is the second pattern.




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