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Demolition - Cover

"Set the charge, now!"
- EU member telling his teammate to plant the bomb


Demolition is the Search and Destroy game mode of AVA. The objective is for the EU is to plant the C4 in one of two bomb sites and ensure its detonation, while the NRF's objective is stop the EU from planting and/or defusing the C4. The one aspect of the gamemode that makes it distinctive from all others is the fact that there are no respawns. With that being said, if the Player dies, they're out for the round. Demolition maps are one of the biggest in the game (second only to Escort maps), and contain the most detail and objects out of every other map, leading to several unique firefights and encounters.


As the EU, you win the round if:

  • All members of the NRF are killed, or
  • The C4 has been sucessfully planted (2.7sec with Demolition Field Manual) and detonated

As the NRF, you win the round if:

  • All members of the EU are killed before the C4 is planted,
  • The C4 is successfully defused (which takes appromixmately 7.20 seconds, 6.7 with Demolition Field Manual ), or
  • The EU are unable to plant the C4 before time runs out

Demolition Maps[]


  • Unlike most other FPS games with the Search and Destroy game mode, the bomb in AVA is lethal and has a large blast radius that kills both friendly and enemy forces when detonated
  • Demolition is one the most popular games in AVA partly because of the fact that it's often a Daily Challenge
  • Even if a round's time is expired, the round will continue if the C4 is in its countdown stage.
  • Demolition mode is the most frequently used game mode in tournaments because players only have one life.