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Shortened variant of the AKS-74. It retains the trademark reliability and fire power of AK series and is focused on mobility and maneuverability. AKS-74U is used by Russian special forces.
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The Desmodus is a Point Man class weapon first introduced during the 25-8-22 release Update.

This is considered one of the best SMGs in the game, following the Veresk and MP7. It has a great balance of range, damage, mobility and RoF, and it an all-round superior weapon to many of its counterparts. It also features one of the highest range statistics of all Point Man weapons in the game.

One of the immediately noticeable traits of the AKS-74U is that it has arguably the highest recoil and bloom of all SMGs in the game (on par with the Veresk). However, much like its cousin the AK-47, this can easily be overlooked with a bit of training and quickly becomes a high-performance machine of death. When compared to assault rifles (which the AKS-74U shares more in common with than the SMGs), the AKS-74U actually has pretty mediocre recoil and bloom, making it very usable for interested Rifleman looking to switch classes.


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  • Like the AK47, the AKS-74U should not be used in full auto unless at very close range, and should be either be used in short bursts (NOT quick taps, see next paragraph). This goes in sharp contrast with what Point Men are used to perform as (full auto at close range), but when sprayed the AKS-74U is more likely to get players killed than becoming a saving grace. Surprisingly, this weapon is actually MORE accurate when burst than when tapped. Video for proof will be posted at the end of this section.
  • The AKS-74U has a vertical recoil pattern, a type seen mostly in the Rifleman Class. Very few pointmen weapon have vertical recoil, and those who do have it generally perform well at medium to short ranges. Since the AKS-74U is a carbine, it is able to fight beyond CQC, giving you a better fighting chance against Riflemen. Also, if your target is around 12-17 meters, burst for the chest, as the recoil will end up sending bullet to the head, making it a good headshot machine.

Notable Comparisons


The AKS-74U Has MUCH higher damage (36 to 27) and MUCH higher Range (30 to 20).
The MP7A1 has negligibly higher accuracy (42 to AKS-74U's 40), MUCH higher stability (44 to 28) MUCH higher mobility (92 to 70) and MUCH higher RoF (81 to 65). It also has a larger clip (40 to 30).
They have no statistic-based traits in common.


  • The AKS-74U is a carbine version of the AK74. This is similar to how the M4 is the carbine version of the M16.
  • It is classified as an assault rifle, as all rifles firing intermediate rounds like the 5.56x45, and in the case of the AKS-74U, the 5.45x35, and has select fire capabilities (Semi, Safe, Auto) are Assault Rifles. Quoted from world.guns.ru " The AKS-74U short assault rifle (the "U" suffix means"Ukorochennyj" in Russian = "Shortened" in English) has been developed in the late 1970s from the AKS-74 assault rifle"
  • The AKS-74U is actually used by Russian tank crewmen, support troops and airborne infantrys, not only by special forces.




A.V.A 戰地之王 AKS-74U Recoil Test 彈道測試 (原裝)


AVA aks-74u bursting vs tapping

Tapping vs Bursting