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Dock 1
Operation: Dock
Date: August 25th, 2022
Location: N/A
Mission: Annihilation
Map Overview
AVA Dock overview

"The EU Intelligence Agency dispatched a special unit engaged in battle in a nearby city. The special unit received orders to eliminate NRF-affiliated Spetsnaz Special Forces who were occupying the dock to secure an escape route, and to thoroughly investigate the dock and all ships."
  — Map description 


Dock is a relatively small annihilation map located at a dock. It is a dock facility where a lot of containers are present. It is very easy to hide in this map due to the many containers and corners. Some people are camping in the tunnel in the middle of the map, and could get a lot of kills. There are two distinct sniper places where they are able to shoot eachother, one at the base and one that is at the end of the hallway from the base. People are spamming grenades in this map at specific places where most people are waiting. It is very easy to get multiple nade kills in this map




AVA Dock Map trailer