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The sole purpose of the military exercise is to control a single point on a map long enough for the bar to fill.

Img domination02

How to Play[]

Img domination01

You spawn at the ends of the map. Your goal is to reach the middle and capture the control point with the use of the E button To hold the point you must prevent any enemies from reaching the same control point, and capturing it for their team by the same means.

Plausible Control Points[]

There are two possible ways to capture the control point, either inside the building shown in the photograph above, or just directly under the building.

Helicopter Support[]

Img domination03

Helicopter support is "only available when your team is not in control of the control point". The bar under the larger bar is the helicopter support bar.

Img domination04

you can activate helicopter support once the bar is filled by press e on the radio inside your spawning area.

Img domination06