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Dual Sight
Dual Sight
Operation: Dual Sight
Date: August 25th, 2022
Location: Old Czechoslovak military installations, the outskirts of Brono, Czech Republic
Mission: Demolition, Infection
Map Overview
Dual Sight Overview

While the main EU force pushes and liberates Poland past the German borders, its left wing, 623rd Airborne Brigade and the 2nd Royal Armored Brigade from the United Kingdoms pass the Erz Mountains and drive through Czech, Bohemian Basin, to the undefended Prague. After small scale battles Prague falls. The forward regiment of this force reaches Brono, an industrial city of Czech.

Around the city of Brono are numerous plants and old NATO military facilities before Czech joined to NRF by force. Therefore, the remaining NRF force in the area plans to use this city as the base of defense and counter-offense operations.

As photoreconnaissance reveals the mobilization of NRF, EU plans a surprise assault over the line using the special teams in the 623rd Brigade. Their primary objective is an old Czech military base converted into an AA missile base by NRF. Although small, the missiles from this base were inflicting considerable damage to support aircrafts. The commandos are about to strike the site to destroy the communications system for missile guidance and the missile storage.
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A.V.A Dual Sight Nade Spots

Dual sight Nade spots