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Escape Cover
Operation: E-Boat
Date: September, 2011
Location: Valencia, Spain
Mission: Escape
Map Overview
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An EU special force team is deployed to stop a key EU scientist from defecting to NRF along with important research data. But when they arrive at the facility, a regiment of NRF marines greet them instead. Now the team must secure the key data from the facility and reach the extraction point before they are surrounded.
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E-Boat is the new map introduced in the 9-22-11 Content Update alongside its exlusive mode, Escape. E-boat is


an urban map set in the locale of a tropical resort by the water. The EU and NRF are spawned side-by-side with the NRF having a slight lead in their map location in order to have time to set-up and defend the dock from approaching EU forces. E-boat is also the first map to utilize Motion Sensors that detect when EU forces have crossed a certain portion of the map. The map varies from long lines of sight in the center of the map and having several CQB encounters towards the edges of the maps. It is popular map because of its flexibilty with all its classes and is often seen being played in the PvP lobbies.

Map Specifics[]

NRF Base -The spawn location for the NRF Troops. Despite being parallel with the EU Base, the NRF Base is slightly ahead on the map and with that location advantage the NRF can set up around the map quickly expect for EU side of the map. The NRF Base also holds an open window immediately right of the spawn door. The window has an obsured vantage point of EU Base and Hotel Front Lot, so extreme discretion should be used while attacking from the window.

EU Base - The spawn location for the EU troops. It is parallel to the NRF Base, but placed farther back in the map in order to give the NRF a chance to set-up a defense. The EU Base yields passage to Office, Hotel, and Hotel Lot. Traveling from EU Base to Office will not yield in spawn snipes by the NRF because of Concrete Dividers placed between the NRF Base Window and EU Base.

Hotel - The building immediately left of the EU Base. The Hotel is simply a passageway to the Hotel Front Lot but does have a vantage point to Central Plaza that EU Snipers can utilize for kills. Hotel can also be used for cover when the NRF decide to grow bold and attack the EU Base from the start.

Central Plaza -

Bell Tower Sideway -

Flower Road -

Pier -


AVA E- Boat Nade Spot - 1


AVA E- Boat Nade Spot - 2


Top 5 Nade spots of E-Boat



  • This map considered very popular in the eyes of many players who play Escape mode.