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Operation: E-Train
Date: N/A
Location: Australia
Mission: Escape
Map Overview
E-Train map overview

Recognizing the political burden and pressure of the Australian government due to the prolonged situation, the EU Intelligence Agency dispatches special forces to plan the functional paralysis of strategic nuclear missiles and the assassination of NRF commander Krykop.

Two sets of special forces will be dispatched with the cooperation of the US Navy. Team A, which first invaded the strategic nuclear submarine TK-17 Arkhangelsk, succeeded in destroying the nuclear missile, but was discovered by the NRF Navy infantry during the escape and was wiped out.

Meanwhile, the team that succeeded in assassinating Lieutenant Colonel Krykop at the NRF command post in the city moves to Morborn station and begins preparing to escape ...
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E-train is an escape map, where the attackers need to reach the train within the time limit



【2017-6-21】新脱出マップ「E-TRAIN」 PV